Why You Need a Password Manager – Even On Your Smartphone

Most of us think our mobile phones are pretty safe and don’t need to worry about things such as antivirus or password managers. Which is pretty incredible to think really. Especially when so many of our personal details are stored on it.

We bank, email, run our social accounts on our phones on a day-to-day basis, so we really do need to think about security.

Password Managers are fantastic ways of keeping our devices secure, as well as doing plenty of other benefits and there are tons of apps you can download to your Android device to make the most of one.

But why? You’ve already got all your passwords stored on your device and can log in without even having to enter them? Isn’t that a problem in itself, especially if you have your device hacked or stolen.

Why You Need A Password Manager

Ultimately every password you ever generate should be unique. You should have a different password for your email than you do your Facebook account. That should be different to your Instagram password, which in turn should be a far cry from your online bank account login. In fact, the average US citizen has 130 passwords linked to one email address.

Make them all unique, and that’s a lot of remembering to do. Password Managers not only store all this information but creates a secure, completely random password for each account and automatically store them. This means all you need is one master password for your password manager, and everything is stored on there for you, well away from your browser.

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This is much more secure, particularly if you play games on a network via mobile (they’re hotbeds for hackers).

You’ll Beat The Hackers

Having your mobile hacked can happen. By password managers creating these long strings of, essentially, code for passwords they become far less susceptible to attacks, particularly as each will be unique. Even on mobile, this is so important for your security, and for what, the cost of an app that will set you back a couple of dollars a month.

Where Can I Get A Password Manager?

The Google Play store has a wide range of Password Managers on offer, with the likes of LastPass, mSecure, and TotalAV among the more popular. There are plenty of reviews to read online of these, highlighting all their additional features, with the latter being a fully fledged antivirus software as well as Password Manager, or Password Vault in this case.

What’s more, in many cases you will be able to use them cross-platform, covering your smartphone, tablet, and desktop or laptop, making sure every bit of tech you own is covered.

It makes complete sense to keep your phone locked tight at a time where we really are running our lives by our devices. A hacker could know your bank details, calendar meets, and correspondence in a matter of clicks with lazy password creation and security. It’s a no-brainer.

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