Use Your Photosphere & Normal Images as Live Wallpapers with Photosphere HD LWP


Photosphere  camera feature was first introduced to us last year with the release of Android 4.2 in Nexus 4 and since then it has been one of the most coveted things that every Android user wants on his device. Luckily for some users, the Photosphere camera was ported to various phones but there are still many who are just waiting for someone to port it to their phone. Quite recently and to the pleasure of most of us, the new Android 4.2 camera app from the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 was extracted from its dump and made available for download.

The 360° panoramic photos look just cool but isn’t it be more amazing if we could use Photosphere pictures on your phone’s home and lock screens as live wallpapers? Thanks to exisapps from XDA for taking note of this possibility and giving us his awesome app called Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper.

Besides the default photo-spheric picture that the app comes with, there are a lot of others handmade images in HD quality that can be downloaded from within the app. You could even set the Photosphere images captured with your phone as live wallpapers and bring your home screen to life. Not only this, the app is also capable of adding Photosphere panoramic effect even to normal images.


After selecting an image as LWP, you can also see a full screen preview to get an idea how it’ll look like on the screen of your device. The app also lets you determine the view angle of the image, it’s brightness, contrast and saturation. Among the main features of the app include:

  • Horizontal (left-right) and vertical (up-down)  rotation
  • Automatic daytime that makes background darker in night and brighter during the day.
  • Sensors support
  • Slideshow
  • Various camera modes
  • Cinematic effects
  • Color adjustments


Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper.apk

Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

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