Top 7 Unique Features of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Recently launched Samsung galaxy S3 is the most anticipated phone of the year surpassing the upcoming Apple iPhone 5.The device is inspired with nature and designed for humans.The device comes with unique features like S Voice,  Popup Play, Burst Shot, etc.

The most common question arises that what are the reasons that makes device unique ? Does his device gives value for money? So we decided to make an article of Top 7 reasons to buy Samsung galaxy S3 to clear your doubts about to buy this device. Samsung Galaxy S3 has many features like big display, smart accessories, Direct Call, high storage, etc but we took out some unique specification which no other phone has every had.

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Eye Tracking :

Eye tracking makes using this device more reliable. Front facing camera detects human face and control’s display lights. Display lights stay on until you using your device.

S Voice :

Svoice  is voice command system as Siri in iphone 4s, but this is not that much responsive as Siri.Always anything is better then nothing. If you dont want to open an app manualy from numerious of apps installed in your device, just give command to open an app like an boss and your phone will do it for you.

You can also use Svoice to make call, Open camera, taking shoots by camera, etc. In morning when alaram is ringing in this device just give command “Snooz” and it shut the alarm for some time..

S Beam :

We can call it future of NFC. You can transfer files by touching two same devices (both having Sbeam). Its fast and more reliable then Bluetooth. The disadvantage of this feature is both devices needed S Beam to transfer files.

Best Photo through Burst Shot :

This feature make possible to  capture up to 8 shots per second, and a single burst shot can capture up to 20 scenes. You can select best shot manually  or your smartphone can choose best one for you.

Pop Up Play :

This is totally new feature that comes only in Galaxy S3 . Using this you can play any video on the top of all windows, running apps. You can Drag and re-size the video acording to your satisfaction. While texting a message, browsing web, etc you will surely enjoy this feature.

Camera App Shortcut:

Now you can save space of camera app on your home screen, and also no more accidental camera opening now. Tap on the screen and hold, and rotate the phone into landscape mode and it would activate the camera app.


Super AMOLED HD DisplAy

The 4.8-inch Super amoled HD display of this device is extremely brilliant. When its time to watch HD video this device perform well. The colors aren’t over-saturated and there’s no unnatural blue-ish tint.This time there are real visual improvements over the Galaxy Nexus.

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