The Dark Knight Returns v.2.3 MIUI V4 Theme (Update)

As I had promised while releasing “The Dark Knight Returns V.2.0”, here is another update to my theme for MIUI V4. This is a major update in a number of ways. The most important things that this version brings is a complete eradication of the stubborn white background from MIUI framework and system user interface.

Improvements over Previous Version:

  1. The Dark Knight Returns v.2.3 has been fully optimized for the latest MIUI ROM v.2.6.22.
  2. The white background bug at file manager and some other settings has been fixed. So you do not have to face the visibility problem. It is really a dark theme now (thanks to Treason).
  3. Besides, I have also done some graphical tweaks in various aspects of the UI, that you will surely find out if you have used the previous version.
  4. The new version also introduces an all new lockscreen theme (thanks to Beuss aka cyrilphoenix) that will surely overwhelm you by its variety. It is almost the king of all lockscreen themes so far (in my view, not sure about yours). The LS features about 1000 elements-  including various weather icons, analog and digital clocks, unlockers, and background patterns- all at the same time. The theme changes itself every time you lock your device and shows weather animations too.
  5. New font for better visibility.
  6. There are many other improvements and bug fixes which I am unable to recollect now out of exhaustion. I leave that for you to finds out. Do not forget to report any bugs that somehow always creep in stealthily.


How to Use:

If you are new to MIUI, here are the tips to apply/use the theme:

  1. Download the “The Dark Knight Returns V4 2.3.mtz”.
  2. Copy it to internal SD Card/MIUI/Theme path.
  3. Apply the theme from Homescreen> Themes.
  4. If you want to use different elements from other MIUI Themes on your device, tap on the “Mixed” tab and apply the desired item.
  5. If you want to get weather update on the lockscreen as shown in the screenshot, you will have to download and install “9s Weather (Advance)” app (download link below) and update it.
  6. Moreover, I have also added a live wallpaper of the Dark Knight with water ripple effect (thanks to LiquidRobotics, my friend from XDA) for making the LW for me). Ths is just a modified version of Samsung Galaxy S3 fake Dandelion LW.
  7. You might see blank/white background after applying the theme. This is not a bug. A reboot is compulsory for the theme’s graphics element take full effect.
  8. If you discover that the font applied in the theme is not showing all characters properly, download the additional fonts from below. Copy the mtz to MIUI/Theme folder. Open Themes> Mixed> Font and apply the font you like.

If you find any bugs, please make sure that you have the latest MIUI ROM v. 2.6.16 or 2.6.22. If not, update the ROM first before shouting. If you still encounter any problem, let me know. Do not forget to share your views about my theme via comments and social sites. Remember, sharing and caring.


This work is protected by Copyright, so do not post is at other forums/sites without my permission. You can post it with a link to the this post and credits to “Raakaysh”, that is me.

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The Dark Knight Returns v.2.4

(Update to Support XHDPI Devices too)

The Dark Knight Rises v.3.0 (Latest)

Mirror Link

9s-Weather (Advance).apk

Sunset Ripple Live Wallpaper for the Theme

Additional Fonts for the Theme

Download HQ Preview

The Dark White Beta 1.0 for MIUI V4

Download Latest  MIUI  Themes Here

One of the Chinese fans of my The Dark Knight Returns theme for MIUI has optimized it to work on the Samsung Galaxy Note. The guys whose name as I know is Fuse66. If you want this theme for your Galaxy Note, download it from below. The theme has been updated again on October 27 (today). The new updated fixes some background issues and font visibility. You can download the latest theme from the link below. Though the theme has been optimized for Galaxy Note 2, it runs well on other HDPI devices too.

The Dark Knight Returns v.2.6 Galaxy Note (latest)

The Dark Knight Returns v.2.5 Galaxy Note

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