Save Facebook Photos Directly to Your Android Device with These 3 Apps

It is the natural tendency of caring and sharing that makes us human beings. We share commonplace things, a funny idea, our moments of joy and those of sorrow. It’s a great irony of the modern world that our neighbourhood has grown into a too vast and world too tiny a place. Thanks to the modern communication technology which allows us to stay in touch with those who are near and dear to us and also those whom we know just by names and profile photos.

Social communities like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have become a great platform to communicate and share with the world at large. Words and images are the tools we use for sharing our emotions, thoughts, ideas, jokes, news, photographs and so on. There are times when we feel an innate desire of saving a photo to our computer, tablet device or smartphone. While all social networking sites allow saving images to computers and most of them on mobile devices too, quite surprisingly, the most popular of them all does not let users save them to handhelds.

I remember on of our visitors asking me (months ago) to tell him a way to save Facebook photos on his Galaxy Note 10.1. I tried to dig out a solution but finally I surrendered. I wish he reads this article!

Today we have not one but three tools that can do the else herculean task very easily. Actually, I am talking about 3 apps namely Download photos from FacebookFacebook Photo Save and PicDownloader for Facebook. All these apps do not download and save the images with a direct options. They take advantage of the “Share via” option found in Facebook client for Android.



How to Use:

All these  four apps are quick fixes to an annoying problem you might face at times while using Facebook on your Android phone or tablet. Just install any of these apps on your device, open Facebook app and tap on the photo you want to save. When the image shows up in full screen mode tap on the menu button and then on “Share” icon. Doing this will bring up a popup window where you will see the name of the app you have installed for FB image saving. Select it and on the next screen tap on Device or SD Card where you want to save it.

Just try these apps and let us know which one of them you found to the best! For more useful app reviews, cool downloads and informative tips, do not forget to browse the relative sections from site Menu above.

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