Rooting Sony Xperia Neo V (How To)

Sony Ericsson Experia Neo V is a powerful phone and by rooting it, you can further extend the power of your device since it will give you freedom to customize your device in new ways. Once you have rooted you Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, you will be able to install not only certain apps that need root access, but flash various custom ROMs too.


Though the procedure given below is tested, yet we do not overrule its risky side. Do it on your own risk. Droidviews will not be responsible for any damage done to your device. Rooting your phone will void manufacturer’s warranty and might also make your device unusable. The method given here works only if you have a Windows PC.


Well, if you have read our disclaimer and you still want to proceed, please follow first our preparatory actions.

  • You must unlock the bootloader of your Xperia Neo V first. If you have not done that yet, read this official guide on Sony Ericsson website.
  • Download and extract the Android SDK file: Download
  • Download and extract Xperia Neo V USB Drivers and Fastboot
  • Download rooting package for your device
  • Download Recovery file for your Xperia Neo V
  • Having downloaded these files, please do not forget to backup all important date stored on your device so that you do not lose them if something goes wrong. Backup your contacts, messages, call log, apps, etc. using a backup app like Titanium Backup.
  • Also, make sure that your device’s battery level is at least at 70%.

Rooting Instructions:

Let’s now move on to our rooting adventure. Just follow the steps below and soon your Xperia Neo V will be rooted.

  1. Connect your device to the computer and copy ‘‘ file to the root directory of your device’s SD Card.
  2. Disconnect the device, and install the Android SDK you downloaded earlier, on your PC. Choose SDK Manager and mark Android Tools and USB Drivers.
  3. Now open the Fastboot and USB Drivers folder and copy the contents of the ‘Fastboot‘ folder to ‘AndroidSDK/Tools‘ found in ‘Program Files’ of the C drive f your PC.
  4. Then copy the ‘recoveryNeo.img‘ file to the ‘Tools’ folder as described above.
  5. Okay, now it’s time to turn off your device and boot it into Fastboot mode. Turn off the device and connect it to the computer via USB cable. Just as you plug in the USB cable, press the Menu key of your device (see the video below).
  6. This done, open a command prompt terminal window on your computer and type the following command in the box:
     fastboot devices (you must see the SN of your device)
     fastboot boot recoveryNeo.img
     fastboot reboot
  7. Just as you type the last line, your device will reboot into Recovery Mode where you will get a list of options.
  8. Choose ‘Install Zip from SDCard‘ option and locate the ‘‘ file. Confirm your choice by selecting “yes”.
  9. The Recovery tool will now start installing the rooting package on your device.
  10. Wait till the installation finishes. Then go back and choose ‘Reboot System Now’.
  11. Your device will reboot into a rooted Xperia NeoV. Bingo!

To verify whether you have successfully rooted your phone, download a free app called ‘Root Checker Basic‘ from the Android Market and run it. You can also check for the presence of the ‘Super User’ app among the list of installed apps on your device.

Enter Recovery Mode on Xperia Neo V:

If you want to flash a custom ROM on your Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, as most people do after rooting their device, you will have to enter the Recovery Mode. To do this, turn off your device, then turn it on. Now just as you see the Sony Ericsson logo on the boot screen, press the Volume Down button again and again continuously.

Install Official ICS Firmware to Xperia Neo V

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