Root Galaxy S4 on Lollipop (Android 5.0.1) without Tripping KNOX (GT-I9505)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched about 2 years ago. It seldom happens that an Android phone gets the latest OS upgrades after being so old but in the case of the Galaxy S4, it has happened. The phone started receiving the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update just the closing week of February. Most of the S4 owners might have already grabbed the OTA or flashed the Lollipop firmware using Odin. In case you are still waiting for the new software update, you can install it manually by downloading the firmware from here and installing it using our tutorial.

Many people avoid receiving new updates for the fear of losing root access, especially when they are not sure if they would be able to root the device on the new version. Then there are people who would like to gain root if does not affect the warranty. In case you have just updated your Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 to the latest Android 5.0.1 and want to root it today we got a tutorial for the same. Tyxerakias from XDA has discovered a way to gain root on the Galaxy S4 running the Lollipop firmware without tripping the KNOX Warranty void counter. Since the method is a bit complicated, I’ll provide 2 methods: the first method is easier but it’ll trip KNOX and the second one is tougher but will keep KNOX counter at 0 x 0.

Method 1: Root Galaxy S4 and Install Recovery

  1. Download the PhilZ recovery for your device: Download
  2. Download the latest SuperSU package and copy it to your phone: Download
  3. Download the Odin tool and unzip it:
  4. Download and install the Samsung USB drivers on your PC.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy S4.
  6. Now turn off your phone and boot it into the Download Mode by holding the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons together for 2-3 seconds. When you are prompted to press the Volume Up key, do it.
  7. Now connect your Galaxy S4 to computer via USB cable.
  8. Open Odin folder and launch the program as administrator.
  9. Make sure the message box in Odin shows “Added!” text. If it doesn’t, reinstall the drivers, reboot the PC and the phone and connect it again.
  10. Uncheck the Auto Reboot option on Odin (do not touch any other option).
  11. Click the AP button on Odin and add the PhilZ recovery file with .tar extension.
  12. Now click the Start button on Odin and wait till the installation is finished.
  13. When you get PASS!/RESET! message on Odin, disconnect the USB cable.
  14. Now long press the power button to turn off the device, or remove the back panel and pull out the battery for 20 seconds. Reinsert the battery and then hold the Volume Up + Home + Power keys simultaneously. When the screen turn up and you see the Samsung Logo, release the Power key. Keep the other two keys pressed until your phone boots into the recovery mode.
  15. In PhilZ recovery menu, select Install zip option, navigate to the SuperSU update package (.zip file) and install it.
  16. When you are done with installation, return to PhilZ main menu and select Reboot system now option.

Your Galaxy S4 will reboot now and when it boots up it will have root access.

Method 2: Root Galaxy S4 without Tripping KNOX


  1. Download the Odin tool and unzip it:  |  Mirror
  2. Install Mobile Odin Pro app on your Galaxy S4.
  3. Download the Android 5.0.1 firmware: Download  |  Mirror
  4. Also download the latest SuperSU package:
  5. Install Samsung USB drivers on your computer. You can found the download link above.
  6. Download the Bootloader file for your firmware version. You can check the software version by going to Settings> About.
  7. Root your Galaxy S4 on the KitKat firmware using this method. It’ll not trip KNOX. If you are already on Lollipop, downgrade to KitKat.
  8. Backup your apps using Titanium Backup app.


  1. Extract the firmware file (if it’s in Zip) and copy the file with .tar.md5 extension on your phone’s external SD card.
  2. Also copy to the external storage.
  3. Now go to Settings> Backup and Reset and do a factory reset.
  4. Then install Chainfire’s SuperSU and Mobile Odin Pro apps on your phone:


    Codingcode Tools Free


    [root] Mobile ODIN Pro

    Chainfire Tools $4.99


  5. Now launch Mobile Odin Pro and accept the download of the required file and then press OTA/Update Zip and select
  6. Now tap Open File option and select the firmware file with .tar.md5 extension.
  7. Mobile Odin will  show you different components of the firmware.
  8. Now check the Enable EverRoot option and then tap the Flash firmware option.
  9. When you see the prompt about md5 check, select Yes.
  10. Mobile Odin will flash the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop firmware on your Galaxy S4.
  11. Your device will reboot automatically. You should wait patiently as it might take about 5 minutes before the phone boots up.
  12. Enable USB Debugging from Settings> Developer options.
  13. When the device boots up, turn it off and boot it into the Download Mode using Volume Down + Home + Power keys.
  14. Launch Odin and connect your device to the PC.
  15. Click the BL button on Odin and select the Bootloader file (BL_I9505XXXX.tar.md5) file that you downloaded earlier.odin-tool
  16. Now click the Start button to install the Bootloader.
  17. Your Galaxy S4 will reboot automatically.
  18. When the device boots up, do a factory reset again.
  19. After initial setup, install the SuperSU app from the Play Store.

Done! A bit difficult, right?


Anyway, now you have a rooted Galaxy S4 running Lollipop but with the KNOX Warranty Void counter still showing 0 x o.

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