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I think it’s time someone said this – there are just too many to-do apps in the play store and each one of them is similar to the other. Plus, the main purpose of a to-do app is to remind you to do something but in the name of development, a lot of extra features are being added these days making the operating part a bit complicated for some users. Trust me, feature overload is a thing. And, the only difference I see between such apps is the way of viewing data. That’s why I’m glad to share with you Ike – an awesome to-do list app based on Priority Matrix by Dwight Eisenhower.

According to the Priority Matrix by D. Eisenhower, there’s a difference between urgent tasks and important tasks. Urgent means the tasks which are to be done right now. These tasks are on the top of your list. Such tasks put you in reactive mode. While important tasks are those tasks which contribute to our long-term mission and goals. Performing these tasks is essential too, but they are a bit lower on the priority list. This matrix helps you classify whether the task is urgent or important.
Ike is based on the same idea i.e. it lets you categorize your tasks. The app has four categories – Urgent/Important, Not Urgent/Important, Urgent/Not Important, and Not Urgent/Not Important. Thanks to these categories you can organize tasks by importance and urgency.

Here’s a brief description of each category or quadrant, as per the matrix. This will help you to decide which task goes in which quadrant.

1. Urgent/Important: These are the essential tasks that require immediate action and can’t be delayed. Such tasks are crucial for fulfilling long-term goals. For example- project deadline, exams, important emails, etc.

2. Not Urgent/Important: To put it simply, these tasks are important but don’t have a deadline. For example – reading, exercise, studying, etc.

3. Urgent/Not Important: In quadrant 3, you should put tasks which are urgent but don’t add much to your long-term goals. For example- phone calls, text messages, a request from a colleague, etc.

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4. Not Urgent/Not Important: These tasks are neither important nor urgent. In fact, these could be termed as “waste of time”. These are the tasks which aren’t pressing and don’t add any value to your long-term goals. They are just distractions. For example- watching TV, social media, video games, etc.

Now, tasks from quadrant 4 are necessary for relaxation and entertainment purpose and you shouldn’t stop performing them all together. But, such tasks shouldn’t consume a lot of your time. I mean, if you have incomplete tasks in the rest of the quadrants, then you shouldn’t be spending time on tasks from quadrant 4.

Ike lets you file your tasks and arrange them accordingly. It is minimal and colorful. It works on intuitive gestures. You can either use the gestures or the add button on the main screen to file tasks in the respective quadrants. You can add deadlines to your tasks. These due dates are customizable and can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, along with some more customizations. Other than that, you can also add time or location-based reminders for each task, along with images, audios, and descriptive notes.

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When it comes to UI, Ike has an attractive one. It’s easy to use and understand. All four quadrants are of different colors in order to avoid any kind of confusion. The animations are smooth and delightful too. It has a variety of colorful themes, some free and some paid.

Ike also offers a variety of widgets to add and monitor tasks from the home screen.

To sum it up, I’ll say that Ike is a complete to-do lists app that deserves to be installed. Try it, you’ll love it.

Ike – To-Do List, Task List

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