Official Imgur App goes live on Google Play [Updated!]

Have you been hosting your images lately? Then I am sure you might be pretty well aware of this marvelous Image Hosting Website; offering free hosting of Images and sharing them worldwide without much implications. Whether you’re a registered user, or not, it allows you to easily share your images. And now this amazing experience goes live even on-the-go via the Google Play Store.

The Official Imgur App has been in geo-restricted Beta since April and was only confined to certain users and testers.  But the wait is finally over, users can experience the same App which is available at the Play Store. What you can do with this App?

  • Browse the most viral images on the Internet
  • Comment and vote on images
  • pload straight from your phone
  • Manage your account
  • Submit images directly to the Imgur gallery

Previous version: 0.1.5

The changes from the restricted Beta to the live version is as follows:

  1. Back button works again
  2. Brand new notification system
  3. Improved memory management
  4. Super speed improvements

Current version: 0.1.6

Within a period of one day, this App has been updated bringing in the following fixes over the previous update:

  1. Tap to copy image URLs
  2. Added more link options after an upload
  3. Fixed account registration
  4. Fixed a bug with displaying account trophies

Since this is a Beta staged App, bugs are expected but we’re much more sure that Imgur developers are working hard on this one. So, if you experience one, please be forward to submit them at this address:

I have already installed this App, have you? If you’ve any issues or if you got any views, give’em up here. We’re always ready to discuss.

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In case you’re not able to install from Google Play, download the apk directly from below link.

Download: Imgur – Official BETA App

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