Install Xperia Z Ultra / Honami i1 Launcher and Widgets on Your Android Device with Android 4.2.2

Sony Xperia Z Ultra, a successor to Xperia Z was released a couple of weeks ago. Besides, Sony is also launching another phablet device called Xperia Honami i1. The system dumps from both devices got leaked a week ago and now we have the launcher and widgets from those devices ported to other Android devices. XDA member ThilinaC has already ported the Xperia Z launcher, widgets and apps in the past and this time he is back in action with the new avatar of the Xperia launcher version 6.0.A.0.212.

The new screenshots show that Sony has completely revamped the old Xperia UI in its new devices for good. Now it looks more beautiful. The widgets, however, have not seen much change but the Experience Flow series of wallpapers have now become even prettier than those shown on older Xperia devices.

The new Xperia Z Ultra/Honami i1 launcher works on all Android devices on Android 4.2.2-Jelly Bean. It supports multiple resolutions like  XXHDPI (Full HD phones like S4, HTC One, Xperia Z, etc.) XHDPI (Galaxy S3, Note 2, One X, Nexus 4, etc.), HDPI (S2, Note, Grand, for example) and MDPI (phones with lower resolution) devices. ThilinaC has also modified the app drawer to have customized dimensions in app grid such as 5×4. 6×4, 6×5, 7×5 and 8×5 where the first digit is the number of apps horizontally and the second digit that of vertically. The default app drawer grid size is 6×4.

The new launcher shows many changes as compares to the old one. The menu for searching, uninstalling and arranging apps options have now been moved to new page in the app drawer that slides out when you swipe finger from the left edge of the screen to right. Among other features of the launcher include:

  • New Xperia Z Ultra widgets
  • Supports auto rotation
  • Supports tablet devices
  • Now you can add up to 7 home screens


The ported launcher and widgets from Xperia Z Ultra/Honami i1 are available for both Xperia and non-Xperia smartphones with Android 4.2.2. You can download the zip packages (CWM/TWRP flashable) depending on your device and install them. I have tested the port on Galaxy S4 and HTC One and it runs like a charm on both devices.


For Sony Xperia Devices Running Stock Based Firmwares:

[Download both files]

For Non-Xperia Devices:

[Download both files]

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How to Install:

  1. Download the most suitable files from above and copy the ZIPs to your device.
  2. Boot your phone into CWM/TWRP recovery mode.
  3. Do not forget to backup your current ROM using backup option in recovery.
  4. Install the “Xperia_Z_home_V5.0_Home_Base” file first.
  5. Return back to main menu in CWM/TWRP recovery and reboot the phone. Sony Xperia device users can skip this step and install all files back to back.
  6. Wait for a couple of minutes and then boot the device into recovery again.
  7. This time install the “Xperia_Z_home_V5.00_Widget_Pack” file.
  8. Then install the wallpapers zip.
  9. Finally reboot your phone.
  10. When the device boots up, select Xperia Home launcher as default.

Enjoy the new launcher and widgets from the Xperia Z Ultra/Honami i1. To add a new widget, app shortcut or change wallpaper, tap and hold the homescreen.

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