Niagara Launcher is a New, Simple and Intuitive Launcher for Android

Time and again I have mentioned that Android OS is the most flexible and customizable operating system in the mobile space. However, that doesn’t stop me from mentioning the qualities of the OS over and over again. From the get-go, Android has been shapable to the user’s requirements. From simply changing a wallpaper, icon pack to switching launchers to installing or flashing custom ROMs and much much more.

Now, speaking of Android and its advanced capabilities, today, let’s take a look at a new launcher called Niagra Launcher for Android devices. Niagra Launcher employs a very minimalistic, clean, sweet and simple approach as far as launchers are concerned. With that said, the launcher doesn’t feature a home screen and then again a separate app drawer, instead, it just lists all of the apps on one main screen neatly and intuitively. Speaking of which, first and foremost, let’s take a read of the list of cool features given below as taken from Niagra Launcher Google Play Store description:

Niagara Launcher, features

  • Niagara app drawer:
    All your apps in a neatly arranged list that is sorted alphabetically and by usage. You don’t even have to swipe to open it!
  • Enhanced Notification dots:
    You can read incoming messages right on your home screen. See the full notification by swiping right. Furthermore, unwanted messages like advertising or persistent notifications are getting blocked.
  • Hide Apps:
    Preinstalled apps (often bloatware) are annoying. Simply hide them, so you have a nice and clean home screen.

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Niagara Launcher initialization

Alrighty, now let’s get started with the launcher. Go through the screenshots thoroughly.

Niagara is a clean, simple and intuitive launcher.
Easy to use with just a hand!
Find your apps swiftly and easily with the help of the alphabet scrollbar.
View and interact with app notifications then and there with just a tap on the icon or swiping a particular app icon to the right.
Hide and also search apps easily.
Niagara launcher is all ready to launch. Agree to the terms of use and continue and also select your default home launcher.

Niagara Launcher in action

All set, now let’s check out Niagara Launcher in action. Again, please go through the points given below, screenshots and their respective captions carefully. Let’s begin.

  • The apps of your choice will only be shown on the main/home screen.
Select your favorite apps to be displayed on to the main screen/home screen and tap the checkmark button when done.
  • Now that you have chosen your favorite apps, we need to grant Niagara the permission to access the notifications system to be able to deliver app notifications. Just tap Grant. Go through the next few screenshots carefully.
Tap Grant to be able to check, get alerted and view notifications.
Tap CHANGE SETTINGS to turn on notifications access permission.
Turn on the Niagara Launcher notification access option.
  • Your favorite apps are now neatly organized.
All of your favorite apps in one centralized location. Notice the weather info just below the clock? Don’t worry, you can set the launcher to show weather by going to home screen settings.
  • Wait, hang on! You might be wondering as to how to access every single app that’s on your device right? its easy peasy, just make use of the alphabet scrollbar located at the right-hand side of the screen.  Also, this way, you can access the home screen settings and also set wallpapers by swiping down to the end of the apps list.
Utilize the alphabet scrollbar to access and view all of the apps present in your device.
Use the scrollbar and then scroll down to the end of the apps list to access home settings and more.
  • When a notification is received, the notification content along with an arrow mark will appear beside an app icon (refer the screenshot above, an arrow mark is displayed beside the Twitter icon). To view a notification within the launcher, all you have to do is the tap the arrow mark or slide the app icon to the right. Tap the app notification to enter the app and then acknowledge the notification.
Notifications window within the launcher. For privacy reasons, here we have censored the notification content.

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Use the scrollbar and then scroll down to the end of the apps list to access home settings and more.
Settings. Here you have options which are all self-explanatory. Explore for yourself folks!
  • One setting worth the attention is to be able to hide apps. All you have to do is access home settings as mentioned earlier, then locate and tap Hidden apps and then tap +. Refer the screenshots below.
Tap the + icon to hide apps.
  • Choose the apps and then tap the hide button located at the bottom right of the screen.
Select the apps you would like to hide and press the hide button.
  • The apps are now hidden safely. The hidden apps will now only be accessible by utilizing the search bar within the launcher or by going to Home settings > Hidden apps
The apps are now hidden.
  • To unhide apps, just go to Home settings > Hidden apps, tap and hold an app to bring up options and then tap Show again.
Tap Show again to unhide an app.

Wrapping up…

And there you go DroidViewers on our review of a simple, elegant, easy and intuitive Niagara Launcher for Android. Usually, custom launchers aren’t my game but this launcher felt too good for me to take an in-depth look for you tech enthusiasts out there.

Feel free to chime in the comments section below on your take and experience with this neat little launcher. Note: Niagara Launcher currently in the development phase (unreleased) and as a result is in an Early Access stage to be able to be tested by users out there. With that said, the developer has promised to implement icon pack support, folders, shortcuts and adaptive icons in the near future. Let’s all wait and watch!

Niagara Launcher 🔹 fresh & clean Price: Free

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