Never Miss a Single Reminder with Notification Reminder (Quick)

Notification Reminder is a fast way of keeping notes on sight so you wont forget about them. Usually, note keeping apps keep your actual notes within the app itself. But how many times you forgot that you put it there? Creating a calendar event to remind you about something in 5 minutes is not convenient.

That’s where Notification Reminder app comes in. It’s super easy and fast to use and Lollipop flavoured so it will blend-in nicely with the rest of your notifications.

Opening app will take you directly to memo-creating screen. There aren’t too many options, but that’s OK – simple app for simple task. You can enter title, main text, make it persistent and change icon that will be displayed in notification bar (that dotted square next to title). That’s it. Right after clicking add “Notify” button you’ll be taken to whatever you were doing before and little icon will appear in notification. Open a notification tray and you’ll see memo right there the same way you see new email or SMS or whatever. From there you can mark it as snooze (repeats after 5 minutes by default),  read (notification will disappear), or delete.

Screenshot_2015-05-04-21-17-12 copy




For additional settings you can go to settings by swiping right from the left edge or pressing standard Google hamburger button (see picture above). A new sidebar will open from where you can (from top down):

  1. Hide sidebar
  2. Create new reminder
  3. List all reminders
  4. Settings
  5. About app
  6. Close app


Screenshot_2015-05-04-21-17-45 copy

First picture above shows settings (options are pretty much self-explanatory) – click on the image to enlarge it. Second one list of all our reminders with dotted menu with options to re-notify, update (edit reminder), share (simple text share) and delete option. Third one shows how reminders look alongside standard Google notification (hangouts). Swipe down on notification will normally cause it to expand so that buttons appear, just like with every other app. For some settings like changing snooze time require purchase of full app.

That’s it. Simple, materialised reminder app. If you want to give it a try, download available here:

Notification Reminder (Quick)

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