Multitasking Gets a New Face and Meaning with Floating Touch


Floating video players, floating soft buttons, floating stickies, floating apps and widgets, floating notifications and so on— Android itself seems to be floating nowadays. The trend started by Samsung with floating popup video player, and later seen on Pie and Halo found in ParanoidAndroid ROMs, has fired the minds of app developers so much that now we can see a great surge of apps that utilize the floating factor to enrich the functionality of our Android devices.

It is great to have most frequently apps and settings options at fingertips all the time without having to reach the top notification bar. On device with large displays it feels irritating to swipe down the status bar to toggle settings and view notifications. Apps like Floating Notifications make it easy to access your notifications easily via chat-head bubbles from any screen on your device.

Such apps are designed to occupy the least possible space on your device’s screen and let you do things without intervening with other features. Further, they add a new dimension to doing various things at a time which we also know as multitasking. Today, we have another good app that every Android device must have. This new app, Floating Touch, has just been launched a couple of days ago but it has gained immense popularity in such little time. I have been playing around this app for some days and it has already become the apple of my eye.


The app has been developed using StandOut libraries and seems to be inspired with various floating apps. It has been aptly named as Floating Touch as you always see a dimmed floating button on the screen. You touch this button and a round shaped pie-like magical thing with 8 shortcuts pops up on the middle of the screen. The hovering bubble allows you to access your most frequently used settings toggles. You can also assign your favorite apps on it.


The Floating Touch launcher has a folder icon that can contain 7 more shortcuts. Once enabled from app settings, the app is very easy to manage, customize, show and hide. You can also set auto launch so that you do not have to launch the app after each reboot.


Floating touch has rich set of customization options. It lets you determine the color of the shortcut panels, choose settings toggles and even change the floating button skin, size and transparency. You can use any image from your phone as button too. The apps is very fast and and responsive. It is a nicely designed and useful app that you would wish to keep on your device always. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Floating Toucher


You must try this amazing app. Take my word, you’ll just love it!

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