Migrate Between Custom ROMs Easily with This New App

The Google Play Store just have a new app called ‘Migrate – custom ROM migration tool’ that makes the migration between custom ROMs a breeze. If you love flashing ROMs on your Android, Migrate is just the perfect backup app you may need to back up your app data, APK files, permissions, call logs, messages, and so on.

Those of you who are constantly looking out for a new ROM to try, especially those who do it on their primary smartphone will know it’s not always easy. It’s also definitely not for the faint of heart because sometimes you can just mess up. Maybe you forgot to take a backup or flashed something you didn’t have to and lose all your data. It’s basically like a dangerous digital adventure.

Apps like Titanium Backup have helped to a great extent in the process of switching between ROMs for a long time now. While it is the best backup app for root users, it’s not the most user-friendly. There have been other apps like Titanium, but none ever stood a chance really. Migrate, an app by BaltiApps is a similar backup app which aims to make it easy to switch between custom ROMs.


Not just another one of those backup apps mentioned above Migrate probably be even better than Titanium Backup. It backs up your app data, APK files, permissions, call logs, messages, and more, like other backup apps. However, it also includes some unique steps to the restoration process which surely improve the experience of restoring all your apps and their data.

The app stores your backups as a zip file which can be flashed right from TWRP when you install a ROM. After you reboot, a helper app installed via the backup zip opens up during the initial setup. You will need to grant the helper app root permissions so make sure you’ve already flashed magisk before you boot up your device.

In case you’re still confused, the process is quite simple. Take a backup with Migrate, reboot to TWRP, flash your custom ROM, GApps, Magisk and then the backup zip created using Migrate. You can find this flashable backup package in /data/balti.migrate/. Reboot your device and finish the initial setup and complete the restoration process with the helper app.

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With Migrate you can:

  • Backup app apk, app data, app runtime permissions, Contacts (as a .vcf file), SMS messages. Call logs, current ROM screen DPI, and current default keyboard option.
  • Restore all your data right from TWRP during custom ROM installation.
  • Finish restoring data during the initial ROM setup so that you can start enjoying the new ROM as soon as you’re done setting up the ROM.


The app is still in its beta stage as evident from the (Unreleased) tag after its name on the Google Play Store. This means it’s probably not quite ready yet for prime time. If you do decide to test it out, you’ll want to create a more reliable backup using Titanium Backup, just in case Migrate misses out on a few things. Once the app is out of beta and working as intended though, it could really be the app to unseat Titanium Backup as the one perfect backup app.

Install Migrate – custom ROM migration tool (Unreleased)

Migrate – custom ROM migration tool
Price: Free

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