Magisk v14.3 Introduces “Invincible” Mode

Magisk has been gaining ground among Android users who love to root their devices. We’ve already discussed why and how Magisk is superior to Chainfire’s SuperSU. As an overview, Magisk can bypass Google’s SafetyNet checks so that you can enjoy using your favorite apps and services. With other rooting methods, including SuperSU, SafetyNet manages to detect root and apps like NetFlix, Android Pay, Pokemon Go, etc. refuse to work. The acclaimed systemless framework by topjohnwu is still actively being developed at quite a pace. We’re now up to Magisk v14.3 beta within a matter of few weeks since the stable Magisk v14 was released. If nothing goes wrong, another stable version might just be around the corner.

Magisk v14.1/14.2

Magisk has been exploding in popularity as the SuperSU alternative but strangely, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL never really had an official version of Magisk. Not because the developer had something against the expensive Google devices but because of their A/B partitioning system. Google introduced this in the hope that other manufacturers might follow suit. Guess what, not many did. So that left the Google Pixel and Pixel XL out of the pack. Users of the said devices had been using unofficial Magisk ports until now.

Starting Magisk v14.1 though, topjohnwu introduced support for devices with A/B partitioning scheme. The list also includes devices like Motorola’s Moto Z2 Force and Xiaomi Mi A1. A lot had to be changed in order to get Magisk working with these devices according to the developer. But thanks to these changes, users of these devices will be able to install OTA updates while keeping the Magisk framework intact.

The installation method for Magisk remains the same for these devices. You can find the instructions here and the download link for the latest Magisk at the bottom of this post.

Magisk v14.3

The latest version introduces what the developer calls “Invincible” mode, which aims to end root loss issues which some users have faced. What this basically does is prevent the Magisk daemon from crashing. Because the Magisk daemon is responsible for every part of the Magisk interface, a crash results in the loss of root until the device is rebooted. With Invincible mode on, the daemon shouldn’t crash or stop unexpectedly. But if it does, the device will reboot automatically to fix the issue.

There are also some other minor changes not entirely related to the end user. These include some under the hood changes in the way Magisk handles logcats and some improvements in the Magisk Manager app. The app’s proprietary components that were used for SafetyNet checking have been modularized. This essentially means Magisk now comes under the FOSS (free and open-source software) category. The Magisk Manager app also now rejects repositories with template versions lower than 4to avoid any bootloop issues.

Download Magisk v14.3

source: xda

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