Install SalmanRom V4 SGS3 Themed ROM for Galaxy S2

If you are looking for a custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S2 that gives you Galaxy S3 like experience, here is a good choice for you. Just a few weeks ago I wrote a review and installation guide for another Galaxy S3 styled ROM for the SGS2 called “Pure Look S3 [v3.1.1 Final]“. I had been using that ROM on my device for weeks until I stumbled upon the SalmanRom V4. I used it for two whole days (and still using) and found it even more beautiful because of the option to have the choice of installing transparent contacts and phone apps. Again, this ROM has the original lockscreen from the SGS3. The SalmanRom V4 SGS3 Themed ROM has much to offer is you are an SGS3 fan but do not want to spend a handsome amount of money on a new device.

Features of the SalmanRom V4:

  • Updated Google Play Jelly Bean
  • New dialer, more like sgs3
  • Lock screen with center date, time and weather
  • SGS3 popp notifications (still needs work)
  • SGS3 like notification area
  • SGS3 music player
  • New wallpaper selector
  • New bootanimation
  • Fully Themed
  • Fully Deodexed
  • BloaTware removed
  • CF-ROOT Kernel
  • Fully rooted
  • Jkay framework included
  • TouchwizUX-1.5.1-4×5
  • SGS3 sounds
  • SGS3 wallpapers
  • SGS3 icons
  • SGS3 widgets
  • Full RTL support (ARABIC)
  • Stock SGS3 shutdown animation (.qmg)
  • My Files themed (blue)
  • Browser themed (toolbar looks just like SGS3)
  • Added SGS3 battery percentage
  • Themed mms.apk
  • No More FC
  • More stable
  • Faster, stable, better battery life
  • Faster GPRS/Gps/Wifi
  • Many others……

 The huge list given above amply speak about why you must try this ROM. Another reason to choose this ROM over Pure Look S3 ROM is that it is still being updated regularly, while the latter is the final version.


To install this awesome ROM, you need to have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkWorkMod Recovery installed on it. If you have yet rooted your device, refer to our easy tutorial on the topic.

Make your Galaxy S2 like Galaxy S3:

Install Android 4.1.2 Official Jelly Bean Firmware on Your Galaxy S2

How to Install SalmanROM v4.2 on Galaxy S2:

Now here are the steps to install the SalmanROM v4.2 on the Galaxy S2:

  1. Download the SalmanRom v4.2
  2. Do not extract the zip and copy it to the SD Card of your device by connecting it to your computer via USB cable.
  3. Charge your device’s battery to at least 70% level.
  4. Backup all your contacts, messages, and other important data.
  5. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your device. Go to Settings> Developer Options>> USB Debugging> Turn On.
  6. Now boot it into CWM  Recovery Mode. You can do this in three ways. If you can see a utility called CWM Manager on your device, open it and select “Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery”. Another way is to download the ROM Manager app from the Google Play Store and use “Reboot into Recovery” option. You can also boot your device in the Recovery mode by this way: switch off the device, and keep pressed the Volume Up+Home+Power keys simultaneously till the startup screen with Samsung Galaxy S2 logo blinks for two times.
  7. The first thing to be done after entering the CWM Recovery is to backup your current ROM so that you might come back to it if anything goes wrong of if you do not like this ROM.
  8. In the Recovery Mode, select “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” and confirm your choice by selecting “Yes”.
  9. Then go to “advanced” option and choose “wipe dalvik cache” and confirm the choice.
  10. Now go back to “mounts and storage” option from the main menu and format the following things: format cache, format system, and format data. Then go back to the main menu again.
  11. Now select “install zip from sdcard>> choose zip from sdcard”. Browse to the “” file and select it.
  12. CWM Recovery will start flashing the ROM on to your Galaxy S2 and will take a few minutes to finish.
  13. When it is complete, go back to the main menu and select “reboot system now”.
  14. It will take a few minutes for your device to reboot. Do not panic if it takes a longer time and wait patiently.
  15. To install the transparent phone and contacts apps, download SalmanRom fully transpareny dialer and Copy it to the SD Card of your device. Enter CWM Recovery, select Install Zip from SDCard, select file and install as described in Step 10.
In case you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask me. I will try to help you as soon to my earliest. If you want to install more apps from the Samsung Galaxy S3 on your Galaxy S2, go to this Post.


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