Install HTC BlinkFeed Launcher (Sense 6 and 7) on Your Android Device

Android is blessed with a very hard working community that keeps toiling to make the OS more awesome to users by porting apps and making mods and ROMs. There’s always something new happening that keeps our interest in our device alive. In other operating systems you can’t even imagine to use 3rd party replacement apps but in Android, you can change almost every aspect of the OS, given the fact that you got root access and a custom recovery installed on your device.

HTC phones have always been known for their exquisite user interface known as the Sense UI. We saw the first glimpse of the BlinkFeed launcher in the HTC One M7. It’s beautiful amalgamation of organised information shown in an elegant way. Some manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony tried to introduce similar feed feature but nobody could equal HTC’s BlinkFeed. This easy-to-access feature, which had been exclusive to HTC smartphones only, can now be enjoyed on all non-HTC devices.

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Xpirit from the XDA developers has successfully ported the Sense 6 and Sense 7 based BlinkFeed launcher with most of its plugins and widgets to work on all Android devices running Android KitKat or Lollipop. Thus, you can get the HTC One M9’s home launcher and widgets on any device. If you like HTC’s BlinkFeed launcher and want to have it on your phone you just download the apps and install them as directed below.

HTC BlinkFeed is gives you live feeds from your favorite topics, selected channels and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, etc. The port also includes the HTC home launcher, you’ll also be able to experience the clock-weather and other widgets on your phone, regardless of the OEM. Since BlinkFeed is an essential part of HTC’s Sense ROMs and requires lots of proprietary files to run properly, Xpirt’s port is really impressive.


HTC BlinkFeed Launcher Sense 6
HTC BlinkFeed Launcher Sense 7


HTC BlinkFeed (Sense 7) Files

HTC BlinkFeed (Sense 7) Plugins

Note: If you encounter broken links issue, please download the apps from the official thread.

HTC BlinkFeed (Sense 6) Files

HTC BlinkFeed (Sense 6) Plugins

Note: If you find any of the links from above not working, please download the apps from the official thread.

How to Install

  1. All ported apps and plugins are available as Apk files. Download them all.
  2. Copy the downloaded files to your device.
  3. Enable Unknown sources option from Settings> Security.
  4. Go to the Apk files and install them one by one.
  5. In case the BlinkFeed launcher does not work when installed as a normal app, you will have to root the device to make it work. Install a root file manager app on your rooted phone and push the Apk files to System/apps directory. Do not forget to fix/set file permissions to rw-r–r– (0644) after pushing the files and then reboot the phone.

Once installed the apps and plugins, launch the BlinkFeed launcher app on your device and start playing with it. Cheers!

Credits: xpirit

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