How to Install Google Play Store on MIUI

The Google Play Store is the one stop shop for all Android apps. Just like the Android platform itself, the Play Store has come a long way. All the other competing app stores for Android have almost all disappeared from the platform because the Play Store has gotten just that better. It’s hard to imagine using Android without it. Not that it can’t be used without the Play Store. In fact, many Chinese devices ship without it. This includes Xiaomi devices shipping with the company’s MIUI on top of Android. We’ll show you today how to install the Google Play Store on MIUI.

Xiaomi is one of those companies, like OnePlus, that have developed a loyal fan following because of the devices that they’ve made. Without spending a dollar on Television ads, the company has earned its own space in the two largest smartphone markets of the east. Xiaomi’s MIUI is more like iOS than it is like Android. Most of the times though the company, being a Chinese company releases updates for Chinese versions of its devices first.

The Chinese ROMs are different from the International ROMs in that they lack the Google Play Store. But, it’s not a reason that should hold you back if you want to install the Chinese MIUI ROMs. Some of the International variants of MIUI don’t have the Play Store either. An example of this would be Xiaomi’s latest UI version, MIUI 8.

Luckily, installing the Google Play Store on MIUI does not require a custom recovery or even root. The process is simple, a bit time consuming, and even more, data consuming. This is because all the required Google Services and Framework have to be downloaded onto your device, as well as the Play Store APK. So make sure to have either an unlimited data plan or are connected to a WiFi network.


Download Google Installer v2 APK

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Install Google Play Store

  1. First and foremost, download the Google Installer from the link above.
  2. Once you have it downloaded, simply install it as a normal APK. You’ll need to have Unknown sources enabled in settings to install an APK. On MIUI, this can be done by going to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy and checking the box next to Unknown sourcesInstall Google Play Store on MIUI
  3. Run the Google Installer once you have installed it.
  4. Click on the blue button that says Install.
  5. All the required Google apps and services, as well as the Google Play Store, will now be downloaded and installed one by one. The status of the process is displayed on the screen while it happens. It can take around 10 to 15 minutes depending on your internet connection.
  6. When the installation is complete, reboot your device.

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When your device boots up again, you should now see the Play Store among your other apps.

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