Google Go Helps Save Data and Explore the Web on Slow or Limited Internet Connection

Today, If there are two things people would try to save the most in this world, that would be money and internet data. However, the latter is what people would dearly save in order to save the former. Now, speaking of the latter, that is internet data, we are all have seen that most, if not all websites have embraced mobile-optimized and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) versions of their full-fledged desktop counterpart. As a result, this not only allows the visitors and readers of any website to save data but also allows them to view websites quicker which in turn saves time as well as effort. As a matter of fact, though it might seem like data prices are getting cheaper, in reality, it actually is skyrocketing.

Sure, with the advent of 4G LTE, it has become a boon for all of us Netizens out there. However, there are areas around this world where internet connectivity is limited or its speed low. As a result, web searches would eventually take a longer time than usual. To combat this issue, today I would like to show all of you netizens an app from none other than our best companion, Google. Yes, the search giant Google. The app is simply called Google Go. This app allows you to search the web, surf your favorite websites, open social apps, and search the web based on a lot of available categories with just a few taps with its mission to save your internet data.

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Enough said, let’s get started with an in-depth look at Google Go as depicted in the screenshots below.

Google Go in-depth look

Welcome to Google Go. You have the option to add a second language that would come handy during a search. However, you could also skip this altogether by tapping the SKIP button.
The default or main screen of Google Go. Here you can search the web by tapping the search icon, initiate a voice search. Moreover, you can tap on Images and GIFs to search for and download them ranging in a few categories faster and easier. Furthermore, tapping on Youtube and the social apps seen above in the screenshot takes you to the respective apps, provided they are installed. Alternatively, you could also use the search bar located at the bottom of the screen.

Note that the Search icon brings up the search results super fast but opens the links present in the search results via the default web browser on your phone. Refer the next screenshot.

Google Go search in action. Notice few suggestions available above the search bar. These suggestions are based on the search results.
Same search results as shown in the previous screenshot but with the keyboard out of sight.
Speak into the phone. Initiating a voice search brings up this screen.
Tap More located on the main screen to access numerous categories of apps which could cater to your likings and preferences.

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Settings have two tabs, namely GENERAL and CUSTOMIZE. In the GENERAL tab, you have the option to choose a second language for search, enable or disable light web pages to save data even further. Moreover, you have an option to switch the currently signed in account. Furthermore, you also have options such as to get notified when search results are ready (if any connection issues cause a delay) and filter explicit search results.
CUSTOMIZE tab. This tab in settings consists an option that allows you to set a background for the main screen of the app. Refer the next screenshot to see the wallpaper in action.
A wallpaper applied to the main screen of Google Go.

My thoughts

All I have to say is that is that Google Go is one very useful app that aims to go in the right direction. It helps those with a slow or limited internet connectivity save data and explore the web instantly and easily. All that you want from the web are just a few taps away. Google Go is one unique, simple and neat little app from the search giant.


So here you go netizens on my in-depth look and review of an amazing Google app. Feel free to chime in the comments section on your take and experience with this brand new app from the search giant. Download Google Go via the Google Play Store link given below.

Google Go: A fast, easy, fun way to search

Google LLC Tools Free


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