Get the new Motorola emblem splash screen on your Motorola Droid RAZR XT910


It’s been just a couple of days since the new Motorola logo was revealed which shows a revamped and colorful Motorola ensign with the tagline: ‘a Google company’ written under it. People were hardly aware about it when a XDA member ‘fabiobatera’ came up with a splash screen of the new Motorola insignia.

Google acquired Motorola in May 2012 for a total of $12.5 billion. At the time, Google refrained itself from making any changes to Motorola Mobility at the time. The picture seems changing now. The new Motorola logo was first seen plastered on a website of Techweek, which is a tech conference that Motorola is co-sponsoring in US.

Talking about the logo, the traditional ‘M’ remains but this time enclosed in a colorful circle. The earlier logo had a white ‘M’ inside a bright red colored circle.

So how to get this new splash screen on your RAZR XT910? That’s a very simple procedure to follow. There are a very less number of prerequisites and you should be done with the whole process in a minute or two, after getting the prerequisites of course! Let’s head to it.


Droidviews cannot be held responsible if anything happens to your device during the process. Play safe!


  • Make sure you’re charged above 60% to be safe.
  • A Windows PC.
  • Motorola Device Manager (For installing drivers, if you haven’t installed it already).
  • RSD Lite (A tool to flash firmwares and stuff on Motorola devices).
  • The new Motorola emblem files.


  • Install Motorola Device Manager and make sure your device gets detected properly after the drivers installation.
  • Install RSD Lite from the link provided above.
  • Turn your phone off.
  • Now hold down Power + Volume Down + Volume Up.
  • You will see a black screen with a menu.  You have to choose ‘AP Fastboot’ from the list. Press Volume Down to get to it and when it’s highlighted, press Volume Up to select it.
  • Now plug your USB cable to your PC and to your phone. Now your phone should say ‘OK to Program’
  • Unzip the Motorola emblem files package somewhere, say Desktop.
  • Start RSD Lite and make sure your device shows connected in the list. Refer this screenshot for confirmation:

  • Now click on the three dots in front of the file name field, it’s for browsing the files, browse to the extracted folder and select the XML file ‘Boot_New_Logo_Motorola.xml’
  • Finally, click ‘Start’. After a few seconds your device will restart. Unplug it after that.
  • That’s all. Enjoy the new Motorola emblem on your device .

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