Get Pixel 2 Features on Any Android with this Magisk Module

The Google Pixel 2 has seen many of its features getting ported to a lot of other Android phones. It began even before the device was launched with theGet Chatheads for All Notifications with Floating Notifications getting leaked. Since then, the Live Wallpapers, Google Camera, and even some other apps have been ported. These are all different ports though and not always for the same set of devices. They’re also not always Magisk compatible. Meaning when installed they could potentially break the SafetyNet check. That can be a problem if you use Android Pay, Netflix, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, or similar apps. XDA Senior Member joeyhuab has now brought all of these Pixel 2 features, ported by different people, under a single Magisk module.


Keep in mind this is sort of an all in one module, created using works of various other developers, not necessarily for a single kind of devices. Consequently, it might not work on all Android devices as expected. Although, the developer says it should work on most Android devices running on either a stock Android build, or an OEM firmware that’s closer to stock Android. This would include devices from companies like Motorola, OnePlus, Sony, etc. Samsung and Huawei devices may run into problems or this may not work at all. It can work on these devices, or any other devices, if they’re running a custom ROM based on AOSP or another AOSP based ROM. Despite that, the developer has confirmed that this module does not properly work on the OnePlus 5 with CodenamePhoenix ROM.

Here’s a list of devices the module has been successfully tested on.

  • Xiaomi Mi A1 on 8.0.0 Oreo Stock ROM (tissot)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Exynos – weather app crashes but no other issues found
  • OnePlus 5T on OOS Beta3
  • OnePlus 3T
  • Sony Xperia Z2 on 8.1.0 Resurrection Remix Oreo
  • Essential PH-1
  • Nexus 5x on 8.1.0
  • Nexus 5
  • Xiaomi Mi5 Prime on 8.1.0 Omni ROM Oreo
  • Wileyfox Swift on 8.1.0 crDroid (crackling)
  • Cherry Mobile G1 on 8.1.0 LOS 15.1 (seed)


joeyhuab‘s module adds the modded Pixel 2 Launcher by @paphonb, the Google Wallpapers app, Pixel system theme overlays, Pixel icons, Google Lens in the photos app, among other things. Here’s a full list of features as provided by the developer himself.

  • Modded Pixel 2 Launcher by @paphonb on v1.4a
  • Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.2 – Based on AOSP 8.1 Launcher3 by @azaidi on v1.4b
  • Google Wallpapers app
  • Pixel Launcher Icons (from the regular GApps packages)
  • Pixel system accent theme (in system/vendor/overlay/Pixel)
  • Google Lens feature enabled in Google Photos app
  • Adds Pixel-exclusive wallpapers via Google Wallpapers app
  • Google Sans font family used in lock screen clock, Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher, System Update window, SetupWizard text, number texts in Settings app in 8.1+ (Storage usage, Data usage, Battery percentage)
  • Pixel 2 audio files (ringtones, notifications, ui, alarms)
  • Enable Google Assistant via build.prop
  • Camera2API support
  • Enable Night Light support (thanks to @Soheil_rf for his overlay)

Other than the features already present, the developer is considering throwing in the Pixel 2 bootanimation as well. If you’re reading this at a later date, make sure you visit the development thread on XDA for the latest version of the module. You can find the thread in the source link at the bottom.


  1. Those who are interested will also need to be rooted with at least Magisk 15.0+.
  2. An Android device running stock Android, AOSP based custom ROM, or a ROM close to the stock AOSP Android build.
  3. The ROM  should also be based on Android Oreo.


How to install Pixel 2 Features On Any Android

  1. Download either one of the Magisk modules linked above.
  2. Open Magisk Manager and head over to the modules section using the side menu drawer.
  3. Here, tap on the floating + button at the bottom.
  4. Navigate to the downloaded zip file and long-press on it to select it.
  5. Tap OPEN in the top-right corner and the module will be installed.
  6. Reboot the device for the changes to take effect and the Pixel 2 features should now also work on your device.

Check if Camera2 API works

After rebooting your device, head to the Google Play Store and install an app called Camera2 Probe for Android 5.0+. When you launch the app, it will let you know the level of the Camera2 API on your device. You can check out this article to read about the Camera2 API and its levels in detail. In short, if you’re seeing Legacy, it means the Camera2 API has not been enabled. This doesn’t mean other Pixel 2 features won’t work either. You may have to check for each of them individually.

Camera2 Probe for Android 5.0+

SDG Systems Photography Free


source: xda

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