Get Notified When an App Turns On GPS and Wi-Fi Scanning with Toggle Track

This is the day and age where smartphone manufacturers are going the wireless route. Speaking of which, most of the OEMs out there are abandoning the good old and innocent 3.5mm headphone jack on their flagship devices and encouraging consumers to use Bluetooth audio devices instead. some people may wonder why is this happening and some believe this is done in order to produce super thin devices. Fine, I agree that this is done in order to bring in sleek devices. However, there were super thin and sleek devices with headphone jack before, so this isn’t something revolutionary. Rather, this was the trend started by none other than Apple with the debut of the iPhone 7/7 Plus. Speaking of which, from there as usual other manufacturers followed suit. Whichever way I think, I cant get this logic of OEMs. And yeah, I almost forgot about the fact that a few OEMs love the infamous notch on the iPhone X as you might have seen on the devices that were unveiled at MWC 2018.

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Toggle Track app for Android: helps save battery power

Speaking of wireless technology, let me come to the main point of this article. Today, let’s take a look at an app called Toggle Track created by XDA Developers junior member abhinandanbr. We all know that GPS is one of the most power hungry feature on any mobile device as the system helps users navigate maps, use location-aware apps such as weather and other related apps. Similarly, the Wi-Fi scanning feature on Android helps scan for Wi-Fi networks to improve location accuracy. We often forget to switch off GPS, Wi-Fi or other wireless functions after we had used them. To keep a tab on this let’s check out the app I just mentioned earlier called Toggle Track. The app helps the user notify if GPS and Wi-Fi scanning is turned ON and also notifies which apps are actively using them and more. Say goodbye to battery drain. Features of the app and an how-to-use guide are listed below as obtained straight from the source, XDA Developers.


  • Prevent battery drain.
  • Notifies when a user has left the GPS ON.
  • Notifies when WiFi scanning is ON.
  • Stats via pie chart, pull down to refresh the chart.
  • Persistent notifications settings also available.
  • Supports phones and Tablets.
  • Android 4.3+ supported.

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How to use Toggle Track:

  • Install/Update the app.
  • Grant permissions if asked.
  • For users running Android 6.0+, disable battery optimization.
  • Customize your notification requirement in app settings.

Note: Android 6.0 and higher devices include a feature called Battery Optimization. This feature helps conserve battery power and data usage by putting apps to sleep. Please disable battery optimization for this app to function as intended.


And there you go folks, on an overview of an app that helps save battery power of your device. Feel free to chime in the section on your take and experience with the app. Download Toggle Track via the Google Play Store link given below.



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