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Excited! Aren’t you? So I am, since I found out about this great little app which brings Facebook Home styled chatheads for all the notifications on your Android device. Brought to you by XDA senior member crazyfool_1, this tiny little app is called Floating Notifications. Facebook Home was not a huge success however, people really appreciated the chaheads concept for the notifications. Now they don’t really have to depend on Facebook Home for the same.

Chatheads are great when it comes to multitasking. You dont have to navigate away from your running app. Floating Notifications displays the bubble-like app notifications for the apps you have selected. Floating Notifications has a simple and straight user interface and gets the job done with just a few taps. Next time you get any notification for the selected apps, Floating Notifications takes it over and generates a buble styled notification above the running app. Apps like Whatsapp or Cubie Messenger which are the integral part of many people’s phone can also be benefitted with Floating Notifications.

Floating Notification works simple straight, these are the controlling functions you get when you get a bubbled notification:

  • You can tap the bubble to open the stack
  • You can tap the current notification bubble to close the stack.
  • You can tap the text of a notification bubble to launch the respective app
  • You can drag the first notification bubble in the stack to move it anywhere around the screen
  • You can double tap a bubble to close a notification
  • You can double tap a closed stack or bubble to close all the notifications

How to configure Floating Notifications:

  • Download and install Floating Notifications apk from the provided link
  • Head to menu and open Floating Notifications. Now you can change some basic as well as advanced settings here (I will simply increase the icon size because I find default one smaller)
  • Now swipe left and you will get a complete list of apps installed on your device. Select the apps which you want to get chathead notifications and just exit the app.
  • Now again go to menu and open Settings, scroll down and go to Accessibility and select Floating Notifications and turn it on. That’s it!


Developer of Floating Notifications warns us not to mess with advanced settings unless we have any problem with those settings.

There are some permanent issues which the developer says cannot be fixed:

  • Google Now notifications will not appear bubble-styled
  • Kik Messenger notifications won’t appear
  • Sometimes clicking the notification text will take a few seconds to launch the respective app
  • Closing the notification bubble will not remove the notification from your status bar.

Download Link:

Download Floating Notifications


Source: XDA

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