Fight Your Smartphone Addiction with These Apps

We all are addicted to the smartphones but believe me, addiction is just a small word to describe it. Most of us keep on staring at our smartphones, click on some icons, switch off the screen and repeat it over and over again. Smartphones are like those mystic sirens which keep you addicted and kills your time. But that doesn’t mean you have to give into it without a fight. Ironically, we have a lot of apps which will help you fight your smartphone addiction.

Many researchers have proved that this is one of the best ways to fight your smartphone addiction. Of course, nothing is better than turning off the phone and keep it aside for some time. But we are mere humans, we are weak and pathetic. So, it’s necessary that we need to use some tools to fight our addictions. Moving forward, here are some of our favorite apps that might help you fight your smartphone addiction.


Flipd is an awesome app which completely takes over your smartphone to increase your productivity at work. You can lock your phone for up to 12 hours. It replace the lock screen with basic options and offers easy auto-replies for text messages. While the app is active, you can still accept and make phone calls to selected numbers, so prefer to set some emergency contact list. With auto-responses, you don’t have to worry about ignoring the people who are trying to contact you. It even motivates you by showing the time you’ve saved by using this app.

Flipd: Distraction blocker

Flipd Inc. Productivity Free



If you don’t want to compromise your entire smartphone usage, it’s time to get more specific treatment. AppDetox is a beautiful app that tracks your mobile usage and keeps you on task while you need to work and gives you freedom when it’s time to chill. So, you can restrict YouTube usage during office while leaving your mailbox untouched. The app settings are quite simple, so you can manage the number of times an app can be opened, times when it can be used, duration of the app usage. Every time you try to violate your own rules, AppDetox will remind you regarding heaving app usage to keep you on track.

AppDetox – App Blocker for Digital Detox

AppDocs Productivity Free



Forest is an app that helps you stay away from your smartphone and stay focused on your work. The app lets you build a virtual forest in your smartphone by doing ‘Nothing.’ Whenever you want to concentrate on work, plant a seed in the forest and don’t touch the phone for 30 minutes. In this period, the seed will gradually grow into a big tree but if you break your concentration and use your phone, the poor little tree will wither away. Every day, you will own a forest filled with trees or some withered twigs which represent your fight against smartphone addiction.

Forest: Stay focused Productivity Free


Quality Time

Quality Time is a simple app which offers a unique and in-depth analysis of your smartphone usage, screen unlocks and individual apps. It provides hourly, daily and weekly summary reports to pinpoint your mobile usage. You can set your own time restrictions like ‘alerts’, ‘take a break’ based on your habits. So, you can plan your activities without compromising the productivity. The app provides a simple timeline of your smartphone usage to help you show your app usage and where you’re wasting most of your time. Download this simple app and work on your time eating apps.

QualityTime – My Digital Diet

ZeroDesktop Inc. Productivity Free



As the name itself reveals, Offtime is a simple app which manages your usage with smartphone by cutting off some of the distracting features in your phone. The app lets you track and customize your connectivity so you can be more productive and spend some quality time with the people you love. The app will block calls, send custom auto-replies, and prepares a list of missed calls to notify the callers list. You can set goals and work on them to fight off your smartphone addiction.

( OFFTIME ) – Distraction Free

OFFTIME Productivity Free


It might be a little skeptical to fight off smartphone addiction with apps, but it’s worth giving a try. These apps really do their work well.

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