Eon Player Pro is One of the Most Customizable Music Players for Android

Music is for the ears, and a music player should first and foremost make sure that the sound output is great. That does depend on the hardware you have too, and the most a music player can really do is give you an equalizer. Although, while music is for your ears, the music player itself is for your eyes to see. Nobody wants a feature packed music player that won’t look good. There are many music player apps on Android that are great all around. They offer both features and looks but you can’t customize the looks a lot. Eon Player Pro is the first music player I’ve come across that focuses more on the interface, and customizability.

When I say one of the first music players to focus on customizability, I actually mean an interface that can be manually tweaked and changed. There are some very great music player apps that offer some UI tweaks and a lot of themes too. None of them allow the UI to be changed as much as Eon Player Pro, although Eon does not really support third-party themes, yet.


As a music player focused on the interface, I’d say the UI is pretty nice. It sticks to the Material Design guidelines and is pretty easy to navigate. When you launch the app for the first time, it lets you select a couple of things according to your preference before you’ve even seen the app at all. That seems odd to me because first I’d want to see how the app is and then decide if I want to change things around. You can just leave everything at default because you can always change things later.

Features such as Adaptive Accent Color and Dynamic Color Widget are not new. Although, at least I have never used a music player that allowed a choice to enable or disable these. They either have it or don’t. In case you can’t figure out from the name, Adaptive Color Accent changes the color of the player UI based on the album art of the current song. Dynamic Color Widget does the same for the player’s widget.


Those features mentioned above are just the beginning. There are so many things you can change about Eon Player Pro compared to things you can’t change. For instance, above are three of the five available choices for a Now Playing screen which is called Player screen in the app. On top of that, you can also enable a blurred background which blurs the album art and applies it to the background. Again, something a few other music players have but not a lot of them allow users a choice.

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There’s a nice animation which changes the title at the top as you swipe through the different tabs. That’s neat, but the swiping animation is pretty much the same old. The reason I mentioned this is because you can actually change that too. It’s called the screen switch animation and can be changed under Settings > Look and Feel > Animations. On top of that, you can customize the font style and size, the information displayed on the song list, artist screens or album screens, among a few other things.

Final words

Eon Player Pro is not the most advanced music player app. It doesn’t let you download or edit the song info, i.e. meta tags. But it does have all the other music player features you could want such as support for Chromecast, automatic album art download, playlists, lyrics download, etc. When it comes to customizability, there’s no match for it really but the lack of third-party themes does hurt a little compared to Player Pro or Poweramp.

The free version won’t let you change most things, but it’s the one you might to try first. The Pro version sells for $0.99 (₹65) if you end up wanting more features. That’s reasonable pricing and I’ve already bought it. Even though I already have 4 music player apps I don’t use, including Poweramp and Player Pro. I may need to see someone to stop me from buying apps I don’t need.

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