Enjoy Viper4Android on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Music is one of the things that soothes the mood of any person at all times and I wonder if there is any person who never enjoys music. Many say that the personality of a person can be judged by the taste of his/her music. Earlier it was jukeboxes, karaoke machines, portable music players which helped people to enjoy music but today, everything is wonderfully crafted in a palm-sized smartphone. From the past 4-5 years, the music devices are drastically replaced by smartphones, the sole reason being the portability and flexibility. But are you getting the ultimate music experience on smartphones?

Well, the answer varies with different people, but most people would say it could be better. Most OEMs concentrate on powerful hardware and crafted design but they eventually bound to neglect the audio performance. You could find only a handful of smartphones in the market that touches the level of satisfaction of music lovers. However, Android users can use software tweaks to improve the audio performance of the device to a great extent. As you might expect, the catch would be that the device should be rooted in order to get things work.

Viper4Android is one of the best audio mods available for Android devices which is widely accepted to improve the audio quality of smartphones. Today we will see how to get this beautiful mod working on the shiny new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Before you go, follow the below threads to root your Galaxy S6:

So, if you’re ready to get your hands a little dirty, let’s get into the game without any further ado.

Install Viper4Android on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

  1. Root your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and install BusyBox. Download the below app after rooting to install BusyBox on your device:

    BusyBox for Android

    JRummy Apps Tools Free


  2. Download the Viper4Android zip file and extract it on your desktop and copy the extracted folder to your phone.
  3. Now open root file explorer on your device, navigate to the Viper4Android folder and copy/move its contents to /System/Priv-app/ directory on your device.
  4. On your device, navigate to /System/etc/ directory and rename the audio_effect.conf file to audio_effect.conf.bak. This would create a backup of the configuration file, in case you need to revert back. Grant root permissions if prompted.
  5. Download the audio_effect.conf.zip, copy its files to your device and then copy/move the audio_effect.conf file to /System/etc/ and /vender/etc/ directories.
  6. Having copied all required files as described above, fix permissions for all files as RW-R–R– (0644). For detailed steps click here.
  7. Reboot the device.
  8. After reboot, open the Viper4Android app and install the drivers when prompted.
  9. Using Titanium Backup or any other root uninstaller apps, freeze/disable the following apps:
    • Adapt Sound 4.0
    • SoundAlive 3.0
  10. Reboot the device once everything completes, you’ll now be able to use the Viper4Android on your device.

This method is reportedly working on both the Galaxy S6 and the Edge variants, if you’re facing any issues with the process, feel free to approach us in the comments section below.

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