Enjoy Music on Your Android Device in a Google Now Style Minimalistic Cards UI


What are the things that make an app pick-able or kick-able? Most of us would say it is the features and usability of an app that matter most while we look for an app for our phone for a specific requirement. Indeed, these things are really the determining factors for judging an app! But would you like an app that does not look nice on the phone or is clumsy though it has great features? Well, if that app is the only of its kind, we might says “yes, why not”.

Hmm…that’s a wise answer again! Luckily, the Google Play Store is so rich in apps that you are sure to find a good, better and even the best app in any category and the variety is so great that you are sure to get confused. Google did a fantastic job by introducing the beautiful Holo look with ICS and then the light version of that style with Google Now in Jelly Bean. Any app with this looks cool and if it is a music player app, anyone can might just be tempted to drool.

Today we have picked 2 music player apps for you that, besides letting you playing music also let you enjoy the elegant cards UI shown in the Google Now interface. Both the apps strive to be minimalistic and have some nifty features to offer. If you are using an AOSP or CM based ROM, they will mix with it so well that one might take then for stock music player apps.


The first of these apps is Shuttle Music Player and the second one is Now Playing. Both the apps look like twins in look but the features are a little bit different.What you get with them is a simple user interface that is easy to navigate by swiping your fingers. The options are not many but they are enough for a music app. You can switch between light and dark themes and have the lyrics and album art downloaded automatically. The apps also have widget for the home and lock screens.

Both the apps are available in free and paid versions. When compared to each other Shuttle Music Player is slightly better than the Now Player as it  has an equalizer and it can send sends Bluetooth text info to the head unit.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player

SimpleCity Music & Audio Free


Shuttle+ Music Player

SimpleCity Music & Audio $2.49


Now Playing: Music Player

Try these apps and if like simplicity and minimalist design, you will surely love them. If you give them a shot, do not forget to share which one is better in your view. Cheers!

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