Enjoy Custom Fonts on Your HTC One (Sense 5)


If you are crazy about your phone and want to make it look beautiful and different from those of others, you can do it in various ways. Wallpapers, widgets, launchers, mods and custom ROMs— these are the tools to help you with doing the customization job. Fonts are another way to add some beauty and freshness to your smartphone’s UI.

While some Android devices have font changing feature built in, there are others that require an app for that purpose. Another method of installing a custom font on Android devices is by flashing zip files via ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery. HTC has used the Roboto Condensed font in its Sense 5 UI in the HTC One that looks good but if you want to enjoy custom fonts on your phone, we are going to share about 50 fonts that can be flashed via recovery.

Needless to say, to be able to install them your HTC One must have root access and CWM/TWRP recovery installed on it. If you do not have a rooted device yet, here is a very easy guide for the purpose:

Root and Install ClockworkMod/TWRP Recovery on HTC One

Also, you can have only one font at one time and to change it you’ll have to install another over the older one. Do not try the fonts on a non-Sense custom ROM or you might end up in a bootloop. Here are a couple of screenshots with changed fonts:


List of Fonts:

  • Alighty_Nesia
  • Arista Light
  • Arista Regular
  • Bariol
  • Basico
  • Biko
  • Calibri
  • Champagne & Limousines
  • Chinacat
  • Choco Cookie
  • Cocon
  • Comfortaa
  • Corporate Rounded
  • Downlink
  • Droid Logo
  • Geo Sans Light
  • HelveticaNeue
  • HelveticaNeue_Condensed
  • HTC Hand
  • HTC_One_Default
  • Jellybean
  • Lane
  • Lane Posh
  • Neutra-Text-SC
  • Open Sans
  • OpenSans Condensed
  • Opficio
  • Palacio
  • Poetsen
  • Polentical Neon
  • Quadranta
  • Remachine
  • Roboto
  • Roboto_Clean_AllItalics
  • Romance Fatal
  • Romance Fatal Serif
  • Rosemary
  • Sansation
  • Sense5 Lt
  • Sony Sketch
  • Timeless
  • Transmetals
  • Varela Round
  • Walkway

The credit for compiling all fonts into flashable Zips goes to v-b-n from XDA.

The above download link is offline. We have a newer and bigger collection of custom fonts for Android device. Please visit this post.

How to Install:

Now here is how you can install a custom font on your HTC One. Just follow the easy steps and you are done.

  1. Download and copy the desired font/s zip file to your phone.
  2. Press and hold the Power button of your phone and select “Restart”. When the device shows the HTC One logo, press and hold the Volume Down key till your device boots into HBOOT or Bootloader mode. Release the volume key and scroll to RECOVERY option using volume down and then select it using the Power button. You can also boot into Recovery mode easily via apps like ROM Manager or TWRP Manager.
  3. First of all, backup your current ROM so that you can restore it later if any undesirable thing occurs.
  4. If you have CWM on your HTC One, go to “install zip from sdcard” and select the font file in zip. TWRP users can simply tap the “Install” button and select the file.
  5. Confirm installation when prompted and wait till the font is installed.
  6. Finally, go back to main menu in CWM/TWRP and reboot the device.

When the device boots up, you’ll be able to see the newly installed font applied on your HTC One. Enjoy! In case your phone is stuck on the bootanimation for more than 5 minutes, press and hold Power + Volume Down buttons at the same time for a few seconds till you enter the bootloader mode and then restore the backed up ROM.


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