How to Enable CSC Tweaks On Samsung Devices

Samsung firmware is packed with several component and CSC is one of them. If you’ve ever flashed a multi-file firmware using Odin on a Samsung device, you might have seen the CSC file as well. CSC is an acronym for Consumer Software Customization and denotes to a specific geographical region or carrier branding. Samsung has a huge market and releases multiple variants of a single device in different regions and carrier brands. The global variants come with a variety of features but some of them are hidden in some particular regions due to legal issues or other concerns.

Samsung devices have a CSC directory under System folder which contains XML files containing the configuration codes for particular regions and carriers. Since these files are residing inside the System folder, you need to have superSU permissions to edit these files and unlock features. If you can successfully modify these files, you can fiddle with many features on your Galaxy smartphone such as enabling voice recording, turning ON/OFF shutter camera sound etc…

Well, you don’t even need to learn and modify these files as we have some great app that can do that for you and all you need to is to toggle the options. As you might have understood by now, this app needs root access to enable/disable CSC features on your device. The app is called CSC Tweaks for Samsung is available in the Google Play Store which will let you enable CSC tweaks on your device. It’s a pretty simple app with basic options to enable/disable CSC tweaks, auto-backup on first boot and one click restore-to-stock feature. So, you don’t have to go through messy options to get the work done.

Enable CSC tweaks for Samsung

The app works on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones according to the developer and confirmed to be working on the latest S7 devices as well. All you need to do is to download the app from the Google Play Store link below and choose the features you want to enable on your device. Once the settings are selected, click on apply the setting and then reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

CSC Tweaks for Samsung

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CSC Tweaks for Samsung is a paid app and is available for a minimal price of $1.14 in the Google Play Store. It’s an apt price for an important utility app for rooted Samsung devices. So, make your choice and enable CSC tweaks on your Galaxy smartphone.

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