Download Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Stock Wallpapers (11 FHD+ Walls)

Xiaomi’s reply to the Oppo Find X is here! The all-new sensational Mi Mix 3 with a motorized camera has been launched. Today we have the Mi Mix 3 stock wallpapers in the original 1080 x 2340 px (Full HD+) resolution.

The successor to Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 and 2S, the Mi Mix 3 is scheduled to launch later this month. The Mi Mix 3 will become the latest flagship from Xiaomi for 2018. Also, much of the details regarding the Mi Mix 3 are already out in public as well. The Mi Mix 3 will come with a sliding module and the device will not have a notch. Although, the interesting part here is that the camera is not placed on the sliding module. Rather, the Mi Mix 3’s display has to be slid down to reveal the camera.

One possible reason for opting to not use a motorized camera module is due to its durability. However, this design has its shortcomings too. On the other hand, the Mi Mix 3 will also feature 960 frames per second video recording same as the Galaxy S9. Xiaomi is also interested in hyping up the launch of Mi Mix 3 as well, it seems. This is because the company is sharing official information about the device even before its launch.

Xiaomi CEO earlier shared a post regarding the Mi Mix 3 saying that it will come with 10 GB of RAM and 5G support. This means that Xiaomi‘s Mi Mix 3 will be among the very few devices that support 5G by the time it launches. One thing to note here is that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s 10 GB RAM variant is only expected to have 5G support.

Other leaks suggest that the Mi Mix 3 will have Snapdragon 845 processor and come with 6 GB and 8 GB RAM variants. Also, this variants will have up to 256 GB of internal storage.

Download Mi Mix 3 Stock Wallpapers

Now that most of the details regarding the Mi Mix 3 are already publicly available, we can now share the official wallpapers from Mi Mix 3 with you as well.

Currently, only 6 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 wallpapers are available. Basically, one wallpaper is a blurred version of the another. The stock wallpapers are available in Full HD+ resolution. The wallpapers are available at a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels.

You can download the Mi Mix 3 wallpapers from below with utmost ease. All you have to do is go to the wallpapers attached below, save it to your device and voila, the wallpapers will be saved to your device. You can also download the entire zip file from Download Links section below that has both the wallpapers in original resolution.

Please note that these are not all the wallpapers from the Mi Mix 3. We’ll be adding more stock wallpapers from the device as soon as we get them Stay tuned!

Update: Now, there’re a total of 11 stock wallpapers from the Mi Mix 3.

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