Download Stock Wallpapers from Xperia Z Ultra and Honami i1 in Full HD Quality

Yesterday we shared the all-new home launcher and widgets from Sony’s latest devices, the Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Honami i1. The port was only for Android devices with Android 4.2.2.  The new Xperia launcher looks smarter, faster and more beautiful than its predecessors. Along with a bunch of some new features, the Xperia ZU/Honami i1 launcher also packs some revisited versions of the well-known Experience Flow wallpapers.

If you have a keen sense of beauty and you love awesome backgrounds on your smartphones home and lock screens, you’ll surely like them. The wallpapers belong to natural and digital art category and have them a touch of freshness except for the 3 backgrounds that are the same.

We have ripped the new wallpapers for our users and sharing them today. All wallpapers, the familiar and newer ones, are in full HD quality with 2160 x 1920 px resolution. There are 11 wallpapers from the new Xperia devices and you can grab them all in a zip package in a single click from our link below.


Xperia Z Ultra Honami

To download more wallpapers Click Here

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