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Just the before yesterday, I posted a huge collection of 100 fonts for MIUI Gingerbread ROMs. There are only a few good fonts are available so far for MIUI. That is why, I am making this post to give you a wider choce of fonts for MIUI V4. Gradually, I will add more and more fonts as I make/convert  new ones. If you want beautiful fonts for your Android device on MIUI ICS, bookmark this page.

How to Apply MIUI V4 Fonts:

Applying a font is just as easy as applying a MIUI theme. Download the font.mtz file and copy it to MIUI/Theme folder found on your device’s internal SD Card. Come back to homescreen and open Themes> Mixed> Font> Select Font> Apply and Reboot.

In case, you do not see a font in the Theme Manager and cannot apply it as told above. Go directly to the font file in MIUI/Theme folder, select the mtz and apply it from there.

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Collection of Fonts:

Today I have made a very good font file for MIUI V4 Theme Manager called “iPhone5 Font v4” that is a eally good start for a post like this.

iPhone5 Font v4

Walkaway V4 Font

Antipasto MIUI V4 Font 

Caricature MIUI V4 Font 

Caviar Dreams MIUI V4 Font

ChocoCooky Font MIUI V4

SonySketch EF Font MIUI V4

If you want any font to be converted for MIUI V4, just give me the font.

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