Download MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for all Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi has recently released the latest version of MIUI which is the custom skin of Android which comes with all the devices that are shipped by the company. The latest update to MIUI is the MIUI 9 and the newest version of the ROM was announced by the company last month. The company also announced that the MIUI 9 update will come to most of the Xiaomi devices which have been released this year as well as the devices released by the company in the past. Now, we had also reported that the MIUI 9 China Developer ROM was already into beta testing and now the ROM has been made available for download so that we can get the taste of MIUI 9 before it is officially released by the company.

Talking about the latest features and additions that have been made in the latest version of MIUI, the company has focused on reliability rather than adding new features. Although, there have been some newer additions to the ROM from Stock Android. First of all, the company has announced that the MIUI 9 update will have faster app launching speeds. Apart from that, MIUI 9 will have Dynamic resource allocation which will ensure that the phone uses memory necessary to perform the operation on hand and not get overheated or drain battery unnecessarily by running background apps.

One more addition to MIUI 9 is the Split-screen feature that has been added in the ROM. However, this feature is already available in Android Nougat officially. Now, the China Developer ROM has been made available for download and you can install it on your Xiaomi device if you are not the one to wait for the official update or you want to get the taste of the latest version earlier than others.

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Now, the list of the Xiaomi devices for which the MIUI 9 China Developer ROM is a pretty comprehensive one and it almost covers all the Xiaomi devices that have been released by the company in the recent past. Talking about the list of the devices, the various models of the Xiaomi devices include the Mi smartphones as well as the Redmi smartphones and the Redmi Note series of devices.

Download links for MIUI 9 China Beta Developer ROM

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One thing to note before downloading the update is that the download links for the ROMs that have been mentioned above are for the Chinese regions so you may get some text that would have been written in Chinese language even after changing the default language from Chinese (Mandarin) to English so you should always proceed with caution.

Now, there is an option to convert the Chinese ROM to Global ROM as well which will remove all the apps that are available for Chinese region only including music, browser, etc. Now, there are a few commands that have to be executed in order to make this China Developer ROM to a Global ROM just like any official update from the company.

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In order to install the ROM on your Xiaomi device, you should follow this tutorial which explains the steps to install MIUI 9 on your device. Do note that the steps to install the ROM remain same for all the devices so you can follow the tutorial regardless of the device.

Steps for converting China ROM to Global ROM

  • After the installation of the ROM has been completed on your phone, you need to flash a TWRP recovery on your Xiaomi Device. You can check this tutorial on how to flash TWRP for your Xiaomi device.
  • After flashing TWRP on your device, you will need to flash SuperSU zip or Magisk zip in order to gain root access on your device. Here is the tutorial to root your device from TWRP
  • Now that you have flashed TWRP on your device and gained root access on your phone, you will need to add certain commands in the build.prop file of your device which can be found by using any root access file manager. We recommend the ES File Explorer’s Root Explorer.
  • In the build.prop file, the first command that you will have to add is the following:

Here, the name “scorpio_mam_global” is the name for the Mi Note 2 so you need to change that name for the device you have in your hands. For example, if you have a Xiaomi Mi 5 then the code will be changed to ro.product.mod_device=gemini_mam_global and if you have a Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus then the code will be ro.product.mod_device=natrium_mam_global as Gemini and Natrium are the codewords for the devices respectively

Now, you will get the full list of codenames for all the Xiaomi devices from here

  • The next commands to add to the build.prop will be as follows:
  • In the above-mentioned commands, the word “it” or “IT” stands for Italy which sets the language as well as the location of the device while globalizing the ROM. You will need to change that to your country code in order to convert the device for your country. For example, if you are converting the Xiaomi device in India then you will have to change the “it” or “IT” to “in” or “IN”. Other than that, you will also need to change the time zone of your device from “persist.sys.timezone=Europe/Rome” to your current location. For example, the time zone in India can be set to India/Bengaluru.

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Steps to install Google Apps

  • First of all, you will need to download the zip package that has all the Google Apps. The file can be downloaded from here
  • After downloading, extract all the apps on your phone and install them one by one on your phone same as standard app installation.
  • After this, you will be able to have all the Google Apps on your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 9 Global ROM.

Let us know your experience of using the ROM in the comments section down below. Other than that, if you have any problem in following the steps mentioned above then you can comment your queries in the comments section to solve them.

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