Download iOS 11.2 Stock Wallpapers

Apple has now released the latest version of its default operating system named as iOS with the latest version codenamed as iOS 11.2. As far as iOS 11.2 is concerned, it is the latest version of the iOS 11 update which was announced at the WWDC by Apple last year. Also, the iOS 11.2 might be one of the last updates before the iOS 12 update gets announced by Apple at its developer conference which is scheduled later this year.

As far as iOS 11.2 update is concerned, there are various bug fixes for all the iPhone models including the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Apart from that, the iOS 11.2 update also comes with faster wireless charging for the 2017 flagships from Apple which include the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 series. Along with that, Apple has also introduced Apple Pay Cash with this update to send and receive money directly from friends and family using Apple Pay.

Download iOS 11.2 Stock Wallpapers

Apple’s default operating system for its iPhones, iPads and other devices has been updated to a newer version which has been named as iOS 11.2. As far as iOS 11.2 is concerned, it is an upgrade to the iOS 11.1 which was released by Apple last month.

Now, it is known that every new version of iOS, or for that matter, Android OS gets latest wallpapers known as stock wallpapers that give a fresher look to the devices running those operating system apart from the feature additions and the bug fixes that are included in it. Therefore, same is the case with iOS 11.2 as well as Apple has included a bunch of fresh new stock wallpapers along with the latest version of its operating system

Talking about iOS 11.2 stock wallpapers, we get 3 new wallpapers along with the latest update to iOS. In terms of the design of these stock wallpapers, they are very similar to the ones that are seen on the Apple iPhone X which are fluid in design and have a liquidy feel to it. These stock wallpapers are available in Full HD+ resolution with its resolution set to 904 x 1970 pixels.

Now, to download these wallpapers from the iOS 11.2 to your device, you will have to click on the images which we have embedded below and save them to your device in order to set them as your wallpapers. Also, you can download all the 3 wallpapers at once by downloading the zip file mentioned in the Download Links section below.

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