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Android Oreo is already outdated, thanks to the search giant Google for outing the first ever version of the next iteration of Android simply called P for now in the form of a Developer Preview 1. However, sadly Oreo is only on just a hair over 1% of Android devices. All thanks to fragmentation by OEMs.

Now speaking of Android P Developer Preview 1, it is available for the Google Pixel series of devices for now. You would have to flash the firmware image manually to enjoy P Developer Preview. However since it’s a developer preview, it’s just not ready as a daily driver. But wait, what about the good old (were better in every way possible than the Pixel series of devices) Nexus 5X and 6P (boot loop issues aside, this was the best ever Google phone. By the way thanks to Huawei too)? Well, if you’re all still rocking those devices then better get a Pixel 2 XL, wait for the Pixel 3 or whatever it may be called this year or just wait patiently for a custom ROM to pop up. No, I’m not kidding, Google has dropped support for the Nexus 5X and 6P. However, these devices will continue to receive monthly security patches until Google decides to pull the plug on the devices sometime in the future (Q4 2018 mostly).

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So what’s new in Android P Developer Preview 1?

Google has refined the user interface on Android P (Pistachio or Pancake are my wild guesses) Developer preview by adding in more colors than previous versions. Also, now, the edges of the notification bar, dock and every other panel in the UI has slightly rounded off edges. Moreover, the quick settings now feature round icons that turn blue when a feature is enabled as opposed to standalone icons in 8.0 Oreo. The settings menu also have been given a splash of color as in the icons are now rounded and colorful to keep the menu looking fresh and sleek. Also, the power menu now gets a screenshot button, which is not something really new, due to the fact that it has been available on custom ROMs since ages. And by the way, Google also seems to love notches and also will be the next big thing in Android from now on. for more details, to download the image file and to check out a whole bunch of changes, head over to the Android P Developer Preview webpage

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Download Android P Stock Ringtones, alarms and notification tones

Not having a Pixel 2 series device to enjoy Android P Developer Preview doesn’t mean you can’t have the stock ringtones that comes bundled with it. Thanks, to the Pradyumna Baraj over at MIUI forums [MIUI Resources Team] for the complete collection of ringtones, alarms, notification tones extracted from the Android P DP1 firmware package. Enjoy!

Download via the Google Drive and Mega links below.

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Source: MIUI Forum [MIUI Resources Team]

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