Download and Install 341 Fonts on Your Samsung Galaxy Device (No Root)

We cannot keep just the same model of a phone for the whole life, and in the same way, we cannot live with just the same look and feel of that phone’s user interface as long as we keep it. Someone has rightly said that there is no happiness without novelty. We are always looking for something fresh and new for our phones— new wallpapers, new themes, new ROMs and so on.

You can find a variety of things to customize your mobile device in new ways, but when it comes to changing fonts, most of us do not have many options. Most of the apps and mods that can replace the system fonts of our phone require root and even when you have it, you cannot keep flashing your device forever!

UPDATE (December 2017)

Try the latest font package for Samsung Galaxy devices:

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, a phone or tablet, enjoying new fonts becomes such an easy drill that even noobs can perform like a child’s play. At Droidviews, we already have a great collection of hundreds of fonts for Galaxy devices, but all of them are there as individual apk files. You just have to install them and change fonts from device settings.


However, now you need not install those FlipFont apk files one by one as Winb33 from XDA has packed about 350 (341 to be exact) fonts in just one apk. All these fonts have been gathered from around the web and are now available for your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet. The good thing is that you do not need to root your device to install or apply the font.

Install the apk file from below, copy to your device’s SD card, open My Files app and install it. To apply the fonts, go to Settings> Display> Font Style and apply the desired font.

Download: Power_FlipFonts.apk (16.05 MB)

For More Fonts, Click Here

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