Descend EchoMod LS Theme for MIUI

Here is an interesting mod of the Descend V2 lockscreen theme for MIUI by Echoside1313. The creator of the original theme is Zkate15 from DeviantArt. After the mod the theme looks even beautiful. It has a very neat and clean design and shows date, time and  battery level. The unlock slider has been moved now from center to the left end of the screen. Double tapping on the clock activates the music player widget, as it happens with most MIUI LS themes. The theme runs with MIUI GB  and ICS both.

Descend EchoMod LS 12h

Descend EchoMod LS 24h

Descend V2 LS  12h (Original)

Descend V2 LS  24h (Original)


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