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Are you tired of diving in and out of your settings area on your smartphone every time you need an internet connection? Believe me, swiping down your notification bar to get access to your Wireless network as simple as it is could be a bit of a work when there is an app that can take care of all these at a go!

This app is a very simple app that allows Android smartphone to search for and automatically connect to any open WiFi network.All you have to do is set it up once and keep the app running in the background processes of your phone.It helps to save your data usage and easily hop over free WiFi networks.The app respects your choice and will not change the network if you are connected to any saved network.

The app did something incredible here for me, my mobile hotspot that has been dead for months suddenly came alive when I turned it on from this app, of course, it may or may not work this wonder for you but am only trying to tell you what it did for me so you may give it a try.  The app also provides complete WiFi solution including features like:

  • Configure router option
  • Network scanner
  • Smart social login feature
  • Smart WiFi
  • Share file

I also have another testimony to give.The app truly serves its purpose.Initially, when I switch on my WiFi, it takes several minutes before it detects any network (open or secure). Trying it from this app is a wonder.My phone doesn’t only detect several networks in less than a minute but it automatically connects to the strongest, free and open network of all. You can also connect and disconnect to any network by simply tapping on it. The app truly lives up to its promises despite the fact that it’s a free app on the Play Store.

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Note: The app uses a third party which uses your current location for research.Users can opt out of this in-app.You can visit their privacy and terms of service pages to know more.

Free WiFi Connect is an app owned by Mentisco which is a group of friends that develops basic utility applications for themselves and for use by others.

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