Borderlight Live Wallpaper Gives Your Android a Unique Personality

Not every Android feature from the early days of Android have stuck around. But there are a couple of them that today we take for granted because they’ve been on Android since one can remember. One of them are widgets, which differentiate Android from everything else out there. The other feature is Live Wallpapers which isn’t quite unique to Android anymore. However, the Live Wallpaper choices on Android are still second to none. You can even set GIFs as Live Wallpapers if you wish. Live Wallpapers can really make your Android device come alive. Today we’re featuring Borderlight Live Wallpaper by XDA member dax105.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper

Borderlight, quite aptly named, simply lights up the borders of your display with a multicolor edge light. At least amongst the enthusiasts, notches are quite commonly hated upon. Ask someone out on the street and they probably somehow think it’s a cool “feature”. For dax105, the slim bezels and the notch on the OnePlus 6 presented an opportunity to show off his skills. And the result is Borderlight Live Wallpaper.

I’ve been following the development on this live wallpaper since it was first released. At first, it was very barebones and had no customization features at all. It was simply a black screen with glowing borders. The thickness of the border light was pre-determined and the live wallpaper was a OnePlus 6 exclusive.

That’s why I decided to hold on before I said something about it.


Over the course of the last one month, dax105 has updated the live wallpaper several times. Due to popular demand, the wallpaper has now been built to support every device, even those without notches. But none of that would have really mattered to me, because the features I wanted were the ability to adjust the border thickness and the ability to choose a background picture. A blank screen with glowing borders just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Those features have been added though. Not only that, you can even adjust the visibility of the background image on the lockscreen and home screen as well as choose to desaturate the wallpaper so as to better be able to see lockscreen text or home screen icons.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper also lets you adjust border-radius so as to best suit your device’s display. Notches too come in different shape and sizes. Fortunately, the developer has thought this through. You get a special notch settings section where you can adjust the notch depth, radius, width, etc. Most users will not need to dive into these settings though because the wallpaper tries to detect the features of your display and whether it has a notch or not.

I’ve tried the wallpaper on three different phones and each time it got the borders right. In case it does not, you can always manually tweak the settings. You can also share that preset with others or use presets shared by other people who use the same device. Below are the changelogs for the two most recent updates as of this writing.

Update 11/2/2018:

  • Force black theme on Android 8.1+
  • Fix red tint on Huawei/Honor/Vivo devices (hopefully)
  • Fix preset codes not containing notch width
  • New launcher icon

Update 11/1/2018:

  • Background image support
  • Only show border when locked/unlocked
  • Desaturate/darken/hide background image when locked/unlocked
  • Blackout clipped parts of the screen – the wallpaper looks good on screenshots now
  • Shorter, less annoying preset codes (with support for the old ones)
  • Correct rendering in landscape mode
  • A wider range of border radii – will now support Pixel 3 XL

Download Borderlight Live Wallpaper

Borderlight is not available on the Play Store or any app store, yet. The wallpaper is still under development and regularly receives updates. For now, you can download and install it as an APK available at the Google Drive link provided below. This link is supposed to always contain the latest version of the wallpaper. You can follow the development thread at XDA to participate in the discussion or report bugs, suggest features or to simply check for changelogs on newer versions. You can find the source link below the download link.

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source: dax105 (xda)

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