Best Paid and Free Podcast Apps for Android

If you want it to be, smartphones can be a great tool for productivity and information gathering. And, for a long time podcasts have been a great source of information. Thanks to the amazing interviews and storytelling, podcasts have come into the limelight again.

Listening to quality podcasts can help you learn amazing things and positively shape the way you think. But, how are your supposed to listen to them? It’s 2018 and there’s an app for everything, podcasts are no different.

There are hundreds of apps you can use to listen to podcasts. But, with so many choices comes confusion. Well, fear not. I’m going to narrow it down to just two. These are the two best paid and free podcast Monitor Network Speed on Android with Network Speed.

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What Makes An App The Best?

At a bare minimum, a podcast app should have the following features:

  • Hassle-free search and subscription to your favorite podcasts.
  • Notifying about the latest episode.
  • Podcasts downloading option.
  • Great looking and easy to use interface.

Best Paid App: Pocket Casts

What else were you expecting? If you’ve looked through any other article on the internet, you’ll know that Pocket Casts is the best podcast app available in the Google play store. Well, what makes it the best?

First of all, Pocket Casts looks great. Heck, it has won the Google Material Design Award. The app has a minimal and attractive color scheme along with fluid animations. The color changes based on the artwork of the podcast. Not only that, it also comes with both light and dark theme. I know, that’s not something unique or out of the box. But, when everything is put together, it gives a visually stunning experience.

Pocket Casts is loaded with amazing features like Chromecast support, Android wear support, etc. It even takes care of the smaller stuff like downloading episodes over WiFi or mobile data, sleep timer, etc. The app even automatically downloads the latest episode of the podcasts that you’ve subscribed to if you allow it.

I personally like and use the filters a lot. Since I’ve subscribed to various types of podcasts – stories, interviews, talk shows, etc. – filters come in handy when I want to listen to a particular type of podcast from various sources.

So, if Pocket Casts is as amazing as it sounds, why am I mentioning two apps here? Well, this one is a paid app.

Pocket Casts will cost you $3.99. It’s a one time purchase though i.e. you won’t see any ads or In-App Purchase options in the app.



Best Free App: Podcast Go

I’ve used Podcast Go for a while and only recently shifted to Pocket Casts.

Podcast Go is the best free podcast app. It has all the features you could expect from a podcast app – offline downloads, good UI, awesome discovery tool, playlist, playback speed control, sleep timer, etc.

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Podcast Go boasts a wide category including business, comedy, education, news, politics, health, technology, etc. It has more than 300,000 shows to choose from.

Podcast Go comes with ads but an In-App Purchase of $2.99 can free the app from ads and support the development as well.



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