Best Custom ROMs for Sprint HTC One (M7spr)

Listed as one of the best smartphones available yet, the HTC One is Quad-core 1.7GHz Krait300 running Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset with 2GB RAM offering both 32/64 GB internal storage. The device has every potential to be compared to other top devices,such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nexus 4.

While the limitations come in, only and only when the carriers are bound to a device and so rises in the case of HTC One, which is branded to Sprint. This barrier is striked with the installation of a Custom ROM and here we’re today listing the best Custom ROMs forthe Sprint HTC One which are based on Jelly Bean, both 4.1.2 and 4.2.2.

Please note that the ROMs mentioned here are completely based on user-experience and feedback. And so they are mentioned regardless of their order.


  • Please read and understand every instruction carefully before performing any action
  • DroidViews or any of its members is not reponisble for any damage held to your device
  • These ROMs and Instructions are meant only and only for HTC One’s Sprint variant, do not attempt to try this on a different variant or device


  1. Custom Recovery Installed [Link]
  2. At least 60% battery life to avoid any uncertain shutdowns
  3. USB Drivers [Link]
  4. Backup complete device storage, SMS, Contacts and Calenders manually

Follow up the list and choose the best that suits you.

How to Install a Custom ROM:

  • Copy the ROM file and Google Apps zip package (if applicable) to your device.
  • Make sure that your device has decent battery left on it. If not charge it first before proceeding.
  • Turn off your device and boot it into HBOOT or Bootloader Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down andPower buttons together until the screen turns up. Now use the Volume Down to navigate to the RECOVERYoption and then press Power button to confirm.
  • In recovery mode use the Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select an option or file.
  • Go to “backup and restore” option and backup your current ROM.
  • Return to main menu and “wipe data/factory reset”.
  • Then “wipe cache partition”.
  • Go to “advanced” option and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  • Go to “mounts and storage” and “format system”.
  • Go back to main menu in recovery and select “install zip from sdcard>choose zip from sdcard”. Select the ROM file and instal it.
  • Finally, select “reboot system now” from main menu in recovery.
  • Wait till the device reboots, do the required steps in welcome setup screen. Done!

1. Vanilla Rootbox Unofficial ROM [JB 4.2.2]

Developer: houstonn

Rootbox ROM for HTC One Sprint


The Rootbox project was initiated by XDA’s Recognized Developer and Contributor bajee11 as the lead developer with a few other contributors. It began with the era of Jelly Bean, currently supporting 15 devices officially with countless number of unofficial ports. Vanilla Rootbox is built over AOSP base, bringing in the best and useful- only features from AOKP, CyanogenMod & ParanoidAndroid including ROM Control & Hybrid System, accompanied by more amazing features.

Visit Rootbox website for social channels, feature list, links and news.

About ROM

Since, HTC One is not yet supported officially by the team, an esteemed developer houstonn at XDA forums took this work into his own hands, put together the sources with immense hard work and presented it to the public. The ROM is quite stable for the daily use. If you’re someone seeking a huge list of features of different ROMs and prefer AOSP over Sense, then you must put your hands on Vanilla Rootbox.

[XDA Thread] [Source]

2. ViperROM [JB 4.1.2]

Developer: -viperboy

ViperROM for Sprint HTC One


ViperROM is a well-known aftermarket custom firmware for a list of HTC devices, based completely on HTC’s Sense. The team is led by -viperboy- with several other developers, aiming highly at performance, power and support. It enhances the user-experience to heights with revolutionary features to achieve perfection. The ROM comprises of unique features like viperControl & several UI modifications with all the useless Apps discarded from their roots.

Visit viperROM’s website for more information, forum and wiki.

About ROM

ViperROM is not just one of the best but also the first ever Custom ROM for the Sprint HTC One. It extends the functions of the stock ROM to immeasurable heights bringing in the combo of stock battery life and custom performance, which sums it up to be the best Custom ROM based on stock HTC firmware. If you’re a Sense lover and yet miss custom features, be right here and experience it live with viperROM using the ViperControl script. The current release till date is based on de-odexed v1.29.651.10 system dump labelled version 1.1.0. The ROM is extremely stable, while providing the best features.

Follow the XDA Thread link below to browse mods and add-on for viperROM.

[XDA Thread]

3. ParanoidAndroid Unofficial ROM [JB4.2.2]

Developer: ktempleton



ParanoidAndroid or PA relates back its origin with the release of Android 4.0 IceCreamSandwich. This ROM and its developers have always been keen to introduce something unique every now and then. Today, it is based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, offering the most remarkable features of Android’s era. The ROM  developers hold a high place for initiating and maintaining concepts like Pie and Halo.  Major features include Per-App DPI, Per-App Colors, Pie Control & Halo.

Visit ParanoidAndroid’s Google+ page for changelogs, news and mirror links.

About ROM

ParanoidAndroid is already on HTC One worldwide variant and is yet to reach its CDMA Sprint variant. Till then, an unofficial but a very stable port of the latest ROM has been bought to the users by ktempleton. The ROM is compiled from the latest sources bringing in all the features available. It is also highly stable with least bugs and is to be regarded as daily driver for those who search for extremely extended UI along with stability. The latest build was out on 7 July 2013 as PA v3.65.

[XDA Thread] [Source]

4. Chameleon OS ROM [JB 4.2.2]

Developer: TMartin (Donate)



Chameleon OS or ChaOS is a complete overhaul of User Interface which claims to give its users a much better control than any other custom roms available. Keeping CyanogenMod as base, it offers a completely new theme engine, launcher, custom toggles  and a lot more to list here. It is another ROM like ParanoidAndroid, which believes in beautiful and unique user-interface/framework and serves well with more-than-unique features. And since it is based on CM, it incorporates each and every feature of it too. At present 11 different devices are supported officially by the team and more are being added every now and then.

About ROM

It is bought as an unofficial port by TMartin which is highly recommended for those who prefer looks and interface over anything else. A few minor bugs include In-call bluetooth audio, IR sensor, Wifi direct and HDMI, apart from this everything else is smooth as butter. The latest build was released on 13 May 2013.

[XDA Thread] [Source]

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The list shall be updated very soon with more ROMs, stay tuned! Flash one of these and leave your feedback.

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