Accessory Review: Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case (Red) for Samsung Galaxy S4


Last month we made our first accessory review debut post with the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the Galaxy S4 and today we would dig into various aspects of another case for the same device. One might ask— “Why another case review for the S4? Was the OtterBox not enough? Well, I have a reasonable justification for that. Human nature keeps striving for something new, a variation in taste. As Alfred Tennyson, the English poet, puts it—

“The old order changeth yielding place to new,

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.”

We always keep our phone with us and carry it wherever we go— it might may be a party where you might wish to flaunt your beautiful phone, or a place with extreme conditions like mountain climbing, for instance. OtterBox Commuter case is really the best choice if you want a complete protection for your costly S4 but it is definitely not beautiful. We all like our smartphones to look smart, like one that grabs attention and also feels nice while you hold it.

Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is for those who prefer something that is bold and beautiful. It’s a shiny eye-catcher and, as its very name indicates, is very slim too. It fits into you pocket very easily. From safety point of view too, the Slim Armor Case is very promising too.

It is made of high quality dual layer protection: a TPU case and a polycarbonate case. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a hybrid material made by mixing hard plastic and soft silicone.It is both flexible and hard in nature and works like a great shock absorbent. The hard plastic outer case provides additional protection in a form-fitted design and imparts the shiny and sexy look that makes you heart beat to get it. The case is available in 5 colors and has a dual color tone with the TPU being black in all of them.

Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case S4

As expected from an ideal smartphone case, Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case for the Galaxy S4 has cut-outs for the headphone  jack, IR Blaster sensor, microphones,  and USB port. The volume rocker and power buttons are amply heaved so that you can feel and press them easily.

As you can see in the pictures below, I went for the red variant of the case. Since I bought the HTC One, I really began to hate the Galaxy S4 for its bad looks. I preferred to carry One to S4 with me. Thanks to the Slim Armor Case for transforming my S4 into a thing of robust beauty. The only nominal issues that I discovered during using this case for a week are:

  • It requires a little effort getting the layers aligned but when it is done once, it is just fine.
  • You have to press the hard keys a little harder.

If I have to give points to Spigen SGP Slim Armor Case for the Galaxy S4 on the basis of overall look, feel and performance, it’ll definitely be 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for an awesome protective case for your Galaxy S4, this is probably one of  the best and most beautiful choices for you!


Where to Get It:

Well, the web is a very big place and you can find  thing at so may places. I got this beautiful case at GearZap.

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