5 Fun Brain Games to Exercise Your Mind

Our smartphones are getting more and more powerful by the day. While the smaller screens limit what smartphone apps can do, it is the games that unleash the raw power stored inside the little device. One can quite comfortably play a once AAA title such as GTA San Andreas on their smartphone today. But there is something about the touchscreen controls that just isn’t fun. Of course, that’s an opinion not everybody will share but anyone who has been playing games on their PC or Xbox/PS will understand. That problem, however, becomes an advantage when it comes to non-graphics intensive games. These games are the kind of games I really enjoy playing on a smartphone. So here are 5 fun brain games to exercise your mind.


Dots: A Game About Connecting

PlayDots Casual Free


Dots by PlayDots is nothing new in terms of concept. Games like these have existed since the days of Gameboys and they’ve stuck around. Candy Crush, a very popular smartphone game is based on a similar concept, it just differs in execution. In Dots, all you have to do is connect the dots. Simple, but also challenging and fun. The minimal design choice by the devs works for the game and even though its a simple game it is pretty to look at.

There are four modes in the game. There is Moves, which limits the number of moves you get to clear a level, and then there’s Timed, which limits the amount of time you have. If you want you can play an Endless mode which probably needs no description. Once you’ve mastered the game though you should check out the best of the four modes which is Challenges. Here you can play against other players provided you are connected to the Internet.

Roll the ball

Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle

BitMango Puzzle Free


Once again, not an entirely new concept but fun nonetheless. When it omes to brain games, puzzles are the most popular. Developed by BitMango, Roll the ball is a puzzle game with a twist. The objective is to make the ball reach its goal by sliding the blocks. There is no lack of levels here and its a perfect time killer for when you’re commuting.

Brain Dots

If you were to search the name on Play Store you’ll find two games with the same name, pretty much the same icons and the same gameplay. One of these is clearly a ripoff it seems. This one, the one I’ve played and know has been developed by Translimit, Inc. This is a really challenging game which forces you to be creative. Your imagination and problem solving capabilities are given a blank canvas with two balls.

All you have to do is draw anything you can that’ll bring the balls together. The introductory levels will do a great job of familiarizing you with the concept. The game seems fun even when its easy but as you progress it can get really challenging. If you’ve been under the impression that you’re a genius and a problem solver, this one is just the game for you.

Unblock Car

Unblock Car

Mouse Games Strategy Free


This is another game title that is quite … replicated on the Play Store. I can’t say which came first but this is the one I’ve played so this is the one I’ll recommend. Unblock Car by Mouse Games is a sliding block puzzle game that’s fun and challenging, something every other game on this list is. These may be brain games but the concept with every one of these is pretty simple. Unblock cars is not different. There are small and long cars and you have to get you car out of the parking space by sliding and moving all the cars around in the available space.



OG Studios Casual Free


Reflection is a game developed by OG Studios and once again with a refreshing but simple concept. You have a friction-less room with four walls and a ball. All you have to do is push the ball so that it can hit all the four walls. Of course, there are obstacles that the ball shouldn’t hit on, these are white. The ones in black can be hit on and used to deflect the ball if you’re feeling creative. There are 60 levels all of which are unlocked. This is a bit of a bummer because it negates the feeling of accomplishment when you clear a level.

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