5 Android Apps You Should Check Out This Week

Welcome to the latest round-up of DroidViews Weekly. There are tons of apps and games in the Google Play Store and hundreds are added every day. Although we, at DroidViews, try our best to cover all the amazing Android apps and games on daily basis, we cannot review each and every one of them.

That’s why we have started this section where we will share with you 5 new/old/recently updated awesome Android apps and games which we find useful and fun but were not able to share with you earlier.

5 Android Apps You Should Check Out This Week

This week’s edition features an education app for kids, an app launcher, an awesome KWGT widget pack, along with two awesome games for you to check out.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is one of the best education portals available on the internet. I’ve been a long time user of it. Lately, a new app by the group is making rounds on the internet – Khan Academy Kids.

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As you can easily guess by the name, the app is designed for kids. The app offers a lot of amazing material for various categories like reading, maths, language, writing, social-emotional development, problem-solving skills, & motor development. It employs fun activities like coloring, storytelling, drawing, etc. to teach the kids. Plus, all of it is available for free.

Khan Academy Kids (BETA) Price: Free

LaunchBoard: Modern App Drawer

The idea of typing the words to find an app is not new by any means but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or not in line with 2018. I think it is still one of the best ways to find apps from the app drawer.

LaunchBoard is a minimal app that lets you go through your installed apps with the help of a keyboard. All you have to do is, after installing the app, place the widget on the home screen for an easy access to the app. Once the keyboard widget is there, you can type the first alphabet of an app to find it.

LaunchBoard offers some extra features that make it even better. Some of these features are – marking apps as favorites, keyboard layout change, themes, contacts search, etc.

LaunchBoard: Modern app drawer Price: Free

Sun & Sea for KWGT

KWGT is the best widget customization app for Android. It lets you create your own widgets from the scratch. And, if you are not good at it or find it a difficult & tone consuming process, then you can import the ones created by others.

Sun & Sea is a KWGT widget pack that contains 40+ amazing widgets & 20+ beautiful wallpapers. The pack will cater to those who like a minimal home screen. Plus, it receives constant updates from time to time so it’s evident that the collection will only grow in the future.

Sun & Sea for KWGT Price: $0.99

Pocket City

Pocket City is a city-building simulation game that could, very well, be the best game of its kind that I’ve seen.

It has everything that you can expect from a city-building game. You can create residential, commercial, & industrial zones as the new mayor of the city and a lot more. But, that’s not why I’m telling you about this game. Any simulation game does all that. What makes Pocket City different from other games is that it’s available as a one time purchase. Yes, once you pay for it, you won’t ever have to spend more money on it again as it doesn’t have any ads, In-App Purchase, or any sort of microtransaction.

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In times where everyone is shoving microtransactions down your throat to make the game playable, Pocket City takes a different route with its one-time payment system. Plus, it also has a free version in case you want to check it out before purchasing the premium version.

Pocket City Price: $4.99

One More Button

One More Button is a puzzle game that is entirely hand-drawn. It has some graphics & challenging gameplay along with smooth animations. The objective of the game is to move the buttons around on a map to unlock new areas. The game can be difficult but you can take all the time you need as it doesn’t have a fixed time limit for each level.

One More Button Price: $2.99

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