4 Best Android Apps You Should be Using Right Now (Part 4)

Welcome back again Droidviewers and tech enthusiasts. Today, I am back with the fourth part of the 4 best Android apps you should be using right now series of articles. In case you haven’t read the previous parts of the series, here you go with part 1, 2, and 3.

If you have read the previous parts, you may have noticed that time and again, I have stressed the importance of apps. Their relevance in our daily lives and that they enhance and improve our life and mobile experiences altogether.

All said, let’s get started then.

1. Frost

This one is amazing and in my honest opinion, the best third party Facebook client as of writing this article.

Setting up:

Welcome to Frost
Select a theme of your choice. LIGHT, DARK, AMOLED or GLASS
My favorite theme is the GLASS theme. This theme is a plain beauty. I could not ask for more.
Ability to add multiple accounts and also at the same time easy to switch to and fro.
Intuitive user interface.
Context aware.

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User Interface:

Frost features an easy to use, well designed and intuitive user interface. You just swipe right to go to the available tabs which are pretty much self-explanatory. Checkout the screenshots below.

News feed tab currently selected and shown. Well designed user interface.
Swipe from the left edge of the screen to access available options. Moreover, you could also add or switch accounts from here.
Add or switch accounts.


To explore the various features available, swipe from the left edge of the screen and then tap Settings.

Settings or features available. You could change the theme, Behaviour, News Feed settings, notification among many others.

Frost Pro is an in-app purchase which features an ad blocker, custom themes to name a few. Pro version would set you back only $1.49, which I think is well worth it.

Frost for Facebook

Pitched Apps Social Free


2. Read Faster

This app is a speed reading app, in the sense, it helps you to enhance your reading skills and reading speed. Moreover, It uses RSVP that stands for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation technology that aims to improve your speed and quality in reading. You just have to paste any link, share a link to any website or open a TXT, HTML or EPUB file for reading. Opening PDF is a paid option.

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Touch to start speed reading. Change the wpm (words per minute)  by the use of the blue slider located.


Features includes Android Wear support, browse files from the phone or tablet. Ability to share links from the browser and as a result, only important words to read are selected and provided to read. Moreover, you can also set the speed to 1000 wpm among a few other features. Further more, Android Wear support, bookmarks and the ability to open PDF file are paid options or features. Download the app and try it via the link given below.

Read Faster

PixelCan???? Tools Free


3. Life Hacks

As the name itself implies, this little app provides you with hacks or let say tips and tricks that might be beneficial for you in daily life. Moreover, these tips and tricks or hacks to be precise are categorized. Refer to the screenshots below to know more.

Welcome to Life Hacks
Tips and tricks to make you smarter day by day.
Provides with technical tips and tricks to save both time and effort.
Available tips and tricks or hacks grouped into various categories.
Technology tips and tricks.
Food & Drinks tips and tricks.
Health & Fitness tips and tricks.
Parenting tips and tricks.
Daily life solutions.
Money savers.
Life tips.
Relationship tips and tricks.
Party hacks.
Survival hacks.

You can also invite your friends to join Life Hacks.

Invite friends to Life Hacks by tapping the invite tab from the main screen of this app.
Share hacks or favorite them.

Life Hacks

Tnine Infotech Entertainment Free


4. Power Browser

This one is a web browser for Android. It is fast enough and powerful. Its main defining feature is the Ad blocker that blocks annoying ads we all come across. As a result, the browsing experience is fast and fluid. The user interface is based on Google Chrome. On the start page, you have cards that show weather information, bookmarks etc. Refer to the screenshots below.

Yes, this browser blocks ads.
Blocks ads before they even get downloaded. Hence, helps save both data and battery life.
Protects you from tracking by advertisers.
Tap on the shield icon located in the bottom bar.
Surfing the web.
Ad blocking in action.
Options menu.
Weather cards and others like bookmarks on the start page.
Read mode feature also available but it is a paid upgrade.

Power Browser – Fast Internet Explorer



So there you go folks, on the fourth part of 4 best Android apps you should be using right now series of articles. Feel free to chime in the comments section below on your take on these four apps reviewed above.

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